Friday, July 26, 2013

Ornament SAL - July 2013

As told before I managed to do "some" stitching while I was away in Provence. Started the Santa's Village series by Country Cottage Needleworks and finished two of them (actually I did the last 50-something stitches of the second piece after returning home).

So here they are:


Oh yes ... did I also telly you that I DID manage to finish knitting both of my daughter's dresses (normally I don't like posting pictures of my family but this will be the exception)?

I would also like to welcome my new followers and say thank you to those who left comments on my blog posts the last couple of weeks. July and August are alway traditionally full of activities (probably with most of you) and I don't have a lot of spare time to comment back or to even write new articles for my blog and read other blogs.

So I would say talk to you soon ... probably in September (with new piccies and plans) when everything is routine again :-)!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Patchwork in Provence

As already said in my previous mail, I've visited a patchwork exhibition in Provence at the "Domaine des Girasols". It's nothing big nor too fancy and not even known to a large public - I accidentally found out about it last year - but it's special because the quilts are shown at the backdrop of the "cave" or winecellar.

So for those who love quilting ... here's some eyecandy.




I hope you had fun looking at these lovely pieces!
Stay tuned for some more posts!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm back!

Hi all,

First of all I want to thank you for your mails from the last couple of weeks. Although I didn't find the time to respond to you individually, they were highly appreciated!

So where have I been? Well, we went to Provence for two weeks and we had a ball! Quality time together, good temperatures (always around 31°C), a couple of swimming pools and waterslides, lots of beautifull villages, excellent food and wine ... everything was there to make it an unforgettable holiday!

Like last year I've also visited the patchwork exhibition at the "Domaine des Girasols".

Stitching wise I didn't do a lot because I had a couple of good books from Nora Roberts with me. They were so intriguing that I read more than I embroidered. My other stitching stuff didn't even get out of it's bag!!! I had a couple of Halloween pieces with me : Scream House - Just Nan, Sleepy Hollow - The Cricket Collection, Halloween Tree - Renato Parolin, Trio of Witches - The Needle's notion and the Christmas tablecloth from Acufactum - sigh ...

I finished the first and - almost - second house of the Santa's Village though! :-)

Pictures will follow soon (am experiencing some problems with my camera for the moment)!



P.S.: It was a real joy to admire and smell all those lavender and sunflower fields in full bloom!