Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February SAL ornament

Hi all,

I've been stitching on some ornaments the last couple of days for the Stitching Lotus monthly Ornament SAL.

Here's my February ornament ... which still needs to be finished :-).

Freebie from Brooke's Books
Stitched on 32-ct Lambswool linnen

See you soon!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Supergoof's Trunkshow

Hi all,

Looking at my blog posts of January and February it seems that I don't have a lot of inspiration for the moment. This doesn't mean that I'm quiet on the hobby front :-).

However ... yesterday was a special day! I got to see Ingrid Van der Horst, better known as Supergoof, in real live and better yet, also her quilts that we were allowed to touch, sniff, ... ;-).

I already knew a lot of stuff from her blog but it was sooo impressive to hear her stories and see those quilts live! 79 other women agread :-)

Here's an impression:

Welcome drink (look at the welcoming "gifts") and introducing Ingrid or "Supergoof"

Wedding ring quilt

Basket quilt - motif coming from an old Ariadne (have to look up that one)

The famous "Klosjesquilt" that was even made on other continents (like the USA)

The "vingerhoedjesquilt" - ideal for scraps

Baskets from the Blackbird Designs "When the Cold Wind blows" book - this one wasn't finished yet
so Ingrid didn't pass it - I loved the way she finished the quilt = with dark triangles!

Pockets of Posies - design from Hatched and Patched. Look at those BLACK flowers (very daring)

... quilt nr. 1 on my to do list :-)

Nearly Insane from the Liz Lois book ... quilt nr. 2

Dear Jane from the book by Brenda Papadakis ... quilt nr. 3

A beautifull Mariner's Compass quilt - also from an old Ariadne if I'm not mistaken

Sticheries from "Life is Beautifull" by Helen Stubbings, combined with Chinese blocks

Chickens and Noah's Ark

Sarah Morell ... lovely applications (now in the posession of Ingrid's mother - what a lovely gift)

Houses quilt, made long before it was a trend :-) ... there's a special story behind it but
you can read all about it on Ingrid's blog

A simple but precious quilt ... Ingrid's father spent his last couple of weeks with it ...
sooo precious!

I love the colours in this Drunkyard's Path

 Ingrid's own design that relates to her profession that of "Kraamverzorgster" which means that she stays for 5-10 days with a couple after their baby is born - quite unique and only in Holland (and maybe Belgium) 

Two quilts in the making : an own design and a Dear Jane in diamond blocks form

Possibilities to purchase some stock = two shops were present

I hope you liked my report!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Knit and purl ...

Hello all!

It's been a week since I blogged ... shame on me! I had a really full week with one last birthday celebration for my eldest DD (7 year-old now). She invited 10 of her fellow students to go to an indoor play area ... and of course yours truly had to supervise. It was fun but also tiring :-).

This doesn't mean that I didn't work on some of my projects :-) I crocheted a little bit more on my red shawl, I finished the biggest part of my knitted bag and stitched on two more ornaments. :-)

One of the two ornaments - Happy Owl-O-Ween by Barbara Ana

This has to become a (little) felted shoulder bag :-)

I also started working on a new project yesterday evening. It's the first time that I'm working on a 40-count and with one thread over one. It promises to be exciting but difficult at the same moment ... we'll see how it goes!

The Heart's Content - Splendor XV
Colonial coverlet - Hearts & Crowns

The description from the website:

"Royalty is exactly The Queen’s Alphabet. Created on 40-count natural linen, over one linen thread of course! DMC #777 is the choice of this rich garnet addition. The stitch count is 84 (h) x 642 (v). That’s right. This most unusual shape creates a perfect fit to your sampler grouping. The finished stitched size is 2″ x 16″. Most unique!

The three scissors fobs shown here are simply taken from the sampler’s alphabet. I have stitched mine and my daughters initials, and of course the fitted crown. Be creative. Any portion of this design would certainly suit a fob. Complete kit."

I simply fell in love with this design the first time I saw it! :-)

Tomorrow or the day after (sounds like the film :-) I'll show you some of the books that I received for my anniversary last December (I really want to make one of those lovely nifty things that are in it).

See you soon!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Busy weekend and some crochet

First of all a warm welcome to my new followers (and the existing ones as well)! Thanks for all your kind comments the last couple of days!

I've had quite a busy weekend which was kicked of with the birthday of my eldest DD who turned 7 on Friday (where's the time when she was a little baby that fitted in the palm of my hand?). Here's something she made last Wednesday - I think she inherited my creative genes ;-).

On Saturday it was shopping and laundry day and on Sunday I didn't really feel like stitching but I decided to start on a crocheted shawl ... in red (I just adore red).
The thread is entirely cotton, available in different colours (saffron, purple, pink, light and dark blue and green and so on). It asks for a crochet size 3 but I'm doing it with 3 1/2.
Frankly ... it's not really a pleasant thread to crochet with because I often get caught/tangled with my hook in the thread that consists of different smaller strands.

DMC Natura - Nr 23

We "closed" our weekend this night (Sunday to Monday) with a fire nearby (50 metres of where we live) in one of the 30 garages that belongs to an appartment block where we used to live. It's really impressive to see it that nearby and it has only increased the respect that I feel for all the firemen.
On a side note: no one was harmed, it was only material damage.

Stay safe!