Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally arrived!

Guess what the mailman brought me yesterday? I've been waiting for almost two weeks for it! Yessssss ... my Serengeti mandala kit arrived on my doorstep. Don't need to harass the mailman any more ;-)!

Just look at all those lovely colours! Silks, beads, sparklies ... YUMMY!!!

How it arrived ... I always wonder how Cindy gets is so nicely in it's bag

Floss toss with flash

Without flash ... You can also see how far I am with part 1 ;-)

Guess what I'll be doing this weekend!?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A couple of new books

As already told before, I love reading (and collecting) magazines and books on all kinds of "creative ventures" ;-) So ... I just wanted to show you my most recent purchases :-)

I really love those small booklets from Mango Pratique and now I've bought a second one of those series called "Coeurs" (or hearts).

The second one is from Julia Line - the creator of Long Dog Designs. This one is a little bit special because it is devided in two. On the one side you have a big map with all the charts and on the other side you have a thin book with all the photographs.

And the third one - my absolute favourite - takes us to the mountains :-)

A big part of my fun is just looking and browsing in all those wonderfull books and dreaming about when and how I will stitch them (even if it takes another five years before stitching can start). Sounds familiar no?! ;-)

Sending you lots of sun and stitching time! And have a nice weekend!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quilt course

Yessssss! Yesterday I went to a quilt course given by a nice young lady!

I wasn't completely new at it because I already followed a course together with my mom ... but now we talk of something at least 12 years ago ... so you can understand I wanted to refresh my knowledge a little bit! ;-)

Ellie gave us a small introduction to the history of quilting and then we started to scetch two blocks : a friendship star and a Ohio star. After that we proceeded with drawing our templates for cutting our fabric. No big deal ... but then the fun part started = stitching everything together :-)

Here's an impression of our table halfway our course (look at that lovely pincushion in front of the table)

It was fun but practice is needed in order to become an experienced quilter :-) I count on Ellie to give a couple of other courses in the near future in order to obtain this goal (round forms and how to quilt everything together).

Ellie quilts now for about 16 years (she started when she was 10) and has made something like 90 to 100 quilts according to her estimation - ranging from small to big ... amazing isn't it? Here's an impression of the quilts that were on display at Ellie's home :

Ellie I had lots of fun and hope to see you soon again!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

IHSW March

Okay, I know I'm a little bit late but my week was quite busy :-).

I stitched on my HAED Revelations and the first carrot (from Cross Eyed Cricket) for my Easter decorations. I don't think I'll be able to stitch and finish them all on time, but the start is already there.

Still waiting for my Serengeti mandala kit which should arrive next week (if everything goes well).

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Creativa Brussels 2012

This Saturday I visited the craft fair called Creativa in Brussels. Two friends went along (the one quite creative, the other one giving her first tries :-). There was lots to be seen in the five different "villages" : Textiles, Art, Craft and Hobby, Kids and Flowers and decoration.

I highly enjoyed because it's one of the best creative fairs in Belgium :-) Here are some pictures:

Entrance of the hall

Dessins DHC where I bought a chart for an octagonal box

Anny Boutique - where I found fabrics for making my first quilt

Dreaming of that big left box for my craft room
(it's quite expensive b.t.w.)


Some Gorjuss kits (photo taken with Pirlimpin in my thoughts :-)

Ceramics and "papier maché" (chewed paper :-)

Woodwork and Herbs, spices, tea and vinegars

Some of the quilts on display

The round ones are my favourite! It's from an artist called Pascale Bebronne (FR)
Think I'll be buying her special ruler once I get more into the quilting thing ;-)

There were lots of other things to see ... materials for scrapping and card making, candles, food, ... There were even the "beautify me" displays = nails, jewelry, ... ;-).

And more important yet ... Here's are my accumulated treasures! I had to seriously restrain myself, or otherwise I would've bought a double amount of things :-)! Especially the books section was reeeeaaaaally tempting (I've made a mental note which books I want and shall be buying them in the future but ... everything at it's proper time :-)

Hope you enjoyed my small tour! :-)