Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Camelot quilt

Hoi allemaal,
Hi all,

Deze blogpauze heeft wat langer geduurd dan gedacht maar het heeft n's deugd gedaan om niet altijd online te zijn. De eerste twee weken van juli waren we namelijk aan zee met een heel beperkte toegang tot internet. 

As I went on holiday the first two weeks of July, my blog was on holiday as well. We were at the seaside with a very limited internet access and to be honest ... I liked it! ;-)

Ik had veel borduurspulletjes mee, een haakwerkje en ook veel quiltspullen ... maar heb eigenlijk alleen maar de quiltspullen aangeraakt en hard gewerkt aan de Camelot quilt waarvan ik al 5 blokken had voorbereid (stofjes gekozen, getekend en geknipt) zodat ik ze ter plaatse "alleen" maar in elkaar moest zetten :-). Zoals jullie kunnen raden heeft dit wel wat meer werk gekost dan gedacht ook omdat ik bij enkele blokken nog wijzigingen heb aangebracht wegens niet volledig tevreden (gelukkig had ik stofjes meegenomen).

I took one piece of crochet and lots of cross stitch and quilting stuff with me but basically only touched my quilting supplies. I worked hard on my Camelot quilt. I already had prepared 5 blocks in advance (fabric choice, drawing and cutting). As you can imagine things didn't went as smoothly as I thought they would go because I changed my mind on a couple of the blocks (luckally I took some fabrics with me).

Hier zijn wat foto's met een indruk van hoe het moet worden. Here are some impressions ...

Blok A - Block A

Blok B - de roze randblokken heb ik ondertussen vervangen door blauwe en mogelijk ga ik ook de groene blokken verwisselen met iets anders (de collega's zijn er niet wild van) 
Block B - I changed the pink triangles with blue ones and mayble I'll be switching the green ones also
(my collegues aren't wild about this block)

Blok C - hier zijn de 4 meer afwijkende roze blokken vervangen door curry/mosterd tinten
Block C - I've changed the 4 pink blocks with curry and mustard shades

Blo(c)k D - de turquoise hoekblokken en de verschillende kleurtjes driehoeken zijn ondertussen ook al aangepast (geen foto) - The turquoise corner blocks and differently coloured triangles have been changed (no picture)
Blo(c)k E - geen veranderingen hier / No changes here

Blo(c)k F - ik ga de 6 lichtroze blokken vervangen door enkele bruintinten (meer contrast)
I'll be replacing the 6 lightly pink blocks with brown shades (more contrast)

Volgende keer zal ik n's een foto tonen van alle blokken naast elkaar.
The next time I'll show you all finished blocks in one picture :-).

Kom zeker deze week nog n's terug want ik heb nog enkele dingen te laten zien!
Stay tuned this week because I have some other things to show you!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Camelot quilt

Hoi hoi,

Het is weeral enkele weekjes geleden dat ik geblogd heb maar dat wil niet zeggen dat ik het achter de schermen niet druk gehad heb!

I see that I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks but this doesn't mean that I haven't been busy at all!

Sinds mijn bezoek aan Marcha en De Quiltster in Dreischor, exact een maand geleden - waar ik allerlei leuke stofjes heb gescoord - ben ik druk in de weer gegaan met mijn Camelot quilt. Het ontwerp hiervan staat verspreid over vier Quiltmania's met de laatste vier blokken in het te verschijnen juli/augustus nummer (ik zit op hete kolen :-).

After my visit to "De Quiltster" in Dreischor (Holland) I've been working on my Camelot quilt with fabric that I bought at the shop (and part of my stash as well). The design of this quilt can be found in the latest Quiltmania issues of which the last four blocks are in the next July/August issue. Can you tell I'm excited? 

Hieronder enkele foto's van de gekozen blokken (ik moet ze natuurlijk nog wel in elkaar zetten maar ga dit waarchijnlijk mee op vakantie nemen) ... wat vinden jullie hiervan?

Here's a couple of pictures of the blocks that I've been drafting and cutting. They still need to be sewn together but I think I'll work on them during my holiday. What do you think?

Blo(c)k A

Blo(c)k B

Blo(c)k C
Niet zeker over deze - vind het een druk blokje en misschien gaat het te veel opvallen tussen de rest / Not sure about this one ... it's quite "busy" and maybe too much compared to the other ones

Blo(c)k D

Block E is ook al op de ontwerptafel maar moet nog verder uitgetekend en geknipt worden! Ik post wel nog wat fotootjes eind van dit weekend of maandag.

Block E is being designed as we speak but still needs some drafting and cutting. I'll post another update end of this weekend or next Monday.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Quiltsnoepjes en een nieuw begin - Quilting goodies and new start

Hallo allemaal,

Vanaf nu ga ik ook bloggen in het Nederlands omdat het toch altijd wat vlotter gaat in je eigen moedertaal :-).

From now on I'm going to blog in Dutch as well because it's always a little bit easier blogging in your own language.

Zoals beloofd begin van deze week, zou ik ook wat meer vertellen over de dingetjes die ik bij de Quiltster in Dreischor gekocht heb.

As promised beginning of this week, I was going to tell you some more about the things I bought at "De Quiltster" in Dreischor - Holland.

Eerst en vooral de stofjes. Ik was al langer verliefd op de Camelot quilt maar toen Quiltmania besliste om deze - in delen - te publiceren was ik gelijk verkocht en besloot ik om hieraan te beginnen vanaf dat de gelegenheid zich zou voordoen. Laten we zeggen dat een bezoekje aan Marcha's snoepwinkel dit nog in een stroomversnelling heeft gebracht ;-).

First of all the fabrics. When Quiltmania decided to publish the Camelot quilt (in parts) I decided to give it a go. I was already in love with this quilt for a long time. Let's say that my visit to Marcha's candyshop allowed a speedy beginning.

En dan nu de foto's ... And now the pictures ...

Quilted Diamonds - Linda Franz
Nearly Insane - Liz Lois

25 fat quarters voor de Camelot en patroontje "Madame Jeannet" door Jeanneke.com
25 fat quarters for my Camelot quilt and the pattern "Madame Jeannet" by Jeanneke.com

Dit quiltje moet het worden - It should become this quilt:
Quiltje in Marcha's winkel - Little quilt in Marcha's shop

Ondertussen heb ik afgelopen weekend al het eerste blok van de Camelot quilt uitgetekend en geknipt. Hier liggen alle stukjes nog los:

In the meanwhile I've started drawing and cutting the first block of the Camelot quilt last weekend. All the pieces are layed out (still loose) :

Fijne avond nog! Have a nice evening!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Masterclass Amish Quilting

Hi all,

This week I took two days off at work to attend a "Masterclass Amish Quilting" organised by Marcha from "De Quiltster" in Dreischor - Holland. This class was taught by Alexia Rosfelder who learned this technique from Esther Miller (an Amish lady living in Germany for quite some time now).

For me the adventure began when driving through Zeeland and crossing the "Zeeland brug (bridge)" with a span of 5km! The view is incredible!

I stayed at a lovely Bead-and-Breakfast "Lekker bij Maas". The owners are Martin (a chef cook) and Astrid who are very kind. The room was lovely and cosy and the food just delicious (fresh eggs at breakfast because they have some chickens in their backyard :-).

So ... why quilting this way?
Well, because this technique allows you to quilt in different directions and after some practice stitches should be even and small. As I'm making a Dear Jane quilt for the moment I would also like to be able to do a nice handquilting job on it! :-)

So what was it like? ... Let's go in and have a look ;-)

The entrance

Direct view from the doorway and looking further into the shop

Left and right hand side of the door ... lovly quilt and plenty of Bunzlau ceramics

Some shop impressions ... Marcha has loads of things! Not only quilt related (fabrics, books, threads, etc ...) but also a lovely selection of embroidery linnens and cross stitch patterns ... 
As you can understand making a choice was very hard indeed! 

 And then the course itself ...

Our inspiring class room (notice the cupboard with a selection of teas) ... full of lovely quilts.

Here's our nook - on a quilt frame of 4 like a real quilting bee. 
In total there were 10 ladies taking a course).

We had lots of chuckles and loud laughter because our needles didn't behave like we wanted them to act ... especially the first morning (needles jumping around like fleas in clothes and on the - grey! - floor) but afterwards we got the hang of it and things went smoother :-).

Marcha and her mom made us some delicious cupcakes and lunch so we could keep up the good work (after all the energy we spent battling with fabric and needles :-) and coffee and tea were always at hand. 

Tea, refreshments and some ideas for inspired reading.

Marcha in the backbround and Alexia looking at all those goodies! ;-)

I can say that I've learned quite some things but now it's practice - practice - practice! ;-) And just to give you an idea about all the things we were using ... here's a close-up of my hands holding all the goodies ;-). Fortunatelly we didn't need to hold everything in the same time!

Alexia showing "how to"

My result after our two day course 
(taken two hours before the finish = I also quilted a feather)!

And of course I didn't left empty handed ... but that's for later this week when I'll show you some more pictures of Dreischor and my purchases!

See ya!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Movie - Eddie the Eagle

Recently I won two movie tickets and I decided to invite my sister in law. So off we went this Tuesday to see "Eddie the Eagle" starring Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman.

Basically it's a feel good movie based on true events:
Michael Edwards (born 5 December 1963), better known as Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, is a British skier and ski jumper who in 1988 became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. Finishing last in the 70m and 90m events, he became famous as an example of an underdog or "heroic failure", and of perseverance and achievement without funding.

His lack of success endeared him to people around the globe. The worse he performed, the more popular he became. He subsequently became a media celebrity and appeared on talk shows around the world. The press nicknamed him "Mr. Magoo", and one Italian journalist called him a "ski dropper". However, admirers praised him as representing the true Olympic spirit as an amateur athlete who wanted to compete at the best of his ability for its own sake, regardless of his chances of winning.

The widespread attention that Edwards received in Calgary was embarrassing to some in the ski jumping establishment. Shortly after the Olympics finished, the entry requirements were strengthened in order to make it nearly impossible for anyone to follow his example. 
(source: Wikipedia)

If you're interested to know what became of him later on, there's a couple of nice articles about him in the Smithsonian Magazine and the The Guardian or even an interview:

I can only admire this man that never gave up, whatever the odds.

Have a nice day!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Creativa Brussels

Hi all,

It's been a while - as usual - but here's a new post! ;-)

I recently visited the Creativa fair in Brussels. For me it's one of the best fairs during the year. First of all because the "cold and dark" Winter is over and you feel that spring is in the air (lots of lovely "fresh" designs). The start of a new creative season with plenty of new things to discover ...

Here's an impression of the whole thing ...

Le Comptoir des Fleurettes - Editions de Saxe

Joëlle Tissus - Le Jardin de Nana

Fils a Soso - Babachic 

Neelam - Border Wollie

A lovely display by Azza Créations - interior of a house (4 pictures above)

 And something to cater for the interior (food) and exterior (art)

There was also a lovely display of the prize winning quilts of last years (2015) Open European Quilt Championships. As there were quite some quilts, I'll keep this for the next blog entry (I've taken quite some piccies as I didn't attend last year :-)

And the things I've bought:

At the Quiltmania booth (picture above):

Quiltmania - Ratsburg Road Quilts by Linda Koenig
Quiltmania - Creating Heirlooms - Carolyn Konig

At 't Gaerenhuys - Ghent

I've bought a kit "Les Poissons" from "Un Chat dans l'Aiguille" 
this is the finished example in traditional embroidery

Frühling (Spring) by Christiane Dahlbeck
A lovely book with plenty of Easter/Spring oriented cross stitch designs

Even the weather was in my favour:

Morning - before entering

Afternoon - after quitting the fair

Hope you enjoyed this small visit? :-)

Have a nice Easter holiday (for us - I mean the kids - it's the second week)!