Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Winter is upon us!

And guess what I did ... I felt like a child doing an online "game" ... cutting your own snowflakes!

Here's the link:

And two examples of what I came up with.

The possibilities are unlimited!

Have fun!

PS.: I went to see the new Hungergames - Mockingjay part 2 yesterday. It's not bad but honestly I thought the first film was the best, followed by the second. The last two (Mockingjay part 1 & 2) lots of battles, ...

P.S.: Updates of what I've been doing will follow later this week and include a visit to a fair, some knitting and no cross stitch at all! :-(

Friday, October 9, 2015

Children's game ... or not?

This weekend I wanted to fold my daughter's princess play tent. Easy peasy you might think ... Think again!

So after a couple of efforts I decided to google and "youtube". And guess what? I've found a great "tutorial" for this.

Save it for further reference ... you might need it! LOL!!!

One happy mom here!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Foir Fil Nivelles 2015

Hello all,

I've been wanting to write a blog entry for more then two weeks but didn't find the time untill now!
I went to a small craft fair which is held for one day and once a year. So on Sunday, 27th of September you could find me in Nivelles :-)!

This one is really a Nirvana for (cross) stitchers and quilters and nothing else :-).

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves ...

Pathway leading to the event (school building)

(they always have the loveliest tissues and "cartonnage" items)
(a pleasant discovery as I didn't knew them)

(I really fell in love with this Christmas piece)


(I would love to have a big stitching box like this purple one :-)

(I'm not entirely sure about the meaning of the name means but I think it should be 
something like "the crazy air spirit" :-)

Many beautifull samplers (reproductions and own creations) by Gigi Ries

On to the second hall!

(this lovely stitching etui caught my eye and I certainly will be buying the kit)



A really talented lady who organises classes in different embroidery techniques
(I would call her a "Maître Brodeuse" or "Master Embroiderer")


(primitive / rug hooking / needlepunch / ...)


Someone selling Sophie Digard scarves ... but at 350 € not my cup of tea
(I'll make it myself :-)!!!

And then the third hall!!!

The lovely little quilts hosted by 1001 Belges

't Gaerenhuys - Ghent

with quite some lovely fabrics and Marie Suarez (embroideries and other quilted lovelies)

C'est moi qui l'ai fait

Of course there were other stands and things to see but then this blog entry would be much longer!

I hope you didn't find this to be too boring!?

Have a nice day!