Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy 2014 and an update on ornament stitching

Hello everyone on the threshold of an old finishing year and the start of a new year full of possibilities ...

I would like to warmly thank each and everyone that left a comment for my birthday last week. Although I didn't find the time to respond to everyone, they were highly appreciated!

In the meanwhile I've finished two other houses of the Christmas Village and I'm still waiting for the last three months \ charts to be delivered on my doorstep.

Wishing you all a lovely, happy, prosperous and creative 2014.

P.S.: I'll post a stash busting report soon (the things I've bought with my birthday money :-) !

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 39th birthday! I never figured out whether mom did this on purpose or not ... just before Christmas (my birthday is never celebrated big time)! :-)

I've received some money and a book coupon so I guess I'll do some stash enhancing ... cross stich, quilting or knitting ... what will it be?

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Progress report

It's December and for the moment it seems like I'm turning in rounds like a cat following it's tail. I'm into stitching Christmas designs and yet I know they won't be finished before the ending of the year. With each season - Spring/Easter, Summer and Halloween - this is a repeating thing!

Let's take the Santa's Village ... I'm still waiting for parts 10 to 12 to arrive and I will be finishing part 8 shortly. Am I happy with it? No, but I'll have to live with that!

Enough venting! To stay a little bit in the Christmas stitching spirit I've found some great Gingerbread cottages offered on this really nice - German - site where you can also find quite some other freebies as well. I like them all but favourites are the middle two in the top row and the left and middle house on the last row. In order to obtain the chart, you'll have to send a mail to the owner or leave a comment .

Stickeule Weihnachts-Knusperhäuschen

I also plan on doing her Halloween sign (next year) :-)

In the meantime I've also subscribed to the Christmas SAL from Sara Guermani (up to part 9 out of 12) and I received the Renato Parolin charts I talked about in my previous post :-).
Plans ... and not enough time to execute them! :-(
Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ornament SAL - November 2013

Hi all,

I didn't post an update on the Silver Lotus' Ornament SAL in October for the simple reason that I wasn't ready due to the Fall holidays (and me being more involved in the Love Entwined coverlet :-).

Here's the November ornament picture of the Santa's Village. This one is number 7 so still 5 to go. Hope to make at least 9 of them before Christmas arrive (better get me a smokin' needle).
As you can see it isn't nicely outlined as otherwise because my camera display died ... I'm still able to take piccies but I don't know what I'm "shooting" ;-). A new camera will be ordered shortly!

In the meanwhile I also began following a sewing course and we'll be making a - tad more complicated - skirt. Here are my materials which I acquired for a bargain price (last piece of fabric on the "roll" :-) = 4 metres for 8 Euro only!

 Wish me luck!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Renato Parolin news

One of my favourite designers Renato Parolin - always is and will be - released a couple of new Christmas designs. They are just perfect for hanging at doorknobs, the Christmas tree, chimney, etc ... Guess what I'll be adding to my stash?

Quando Scende la Neve
Tempo di Natale



Uno, Dieci, Cendo

Funny Friday

Something to break a little bit of the grey and dull weather for the moment ...

Two guys who want to feel what it is to give birth. They are given a kind of electroshocks (muscle stimulation). Unfortunatelly only in Dutch but soooo very hilarious!!! Look at their expressions ... One of them is a softie - giving in all too soon :-).


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holidays and Love Entwined quilt

Hi all,

Last week marked the Fall Holidays at school so ... my hubby, 2 DD's and myself went for a relaxing midweek at one of the Center Parcs in Holland and we enjoyed it very much (being lazy, reading, swimming, eating, crafting, ...)!

Of course a whole big bag of needlecraft items went with me but I only worked on my Love Entwined Marriage coverlet by Ester Aliu. After scoring a couple of new fabrics in the quilt store and at the Open European Quilt Championships I was ready to give my central compass a third tryout = two others were dismissed after cutting and putting it together because I didn't like the final outcome.

From the "Potterije" quilt shop in Lokeren. The two blues in the upper left corner will be used for the zigzag border and the light blue = fourth from the left will be used for the 4 corner vases ... the rest is to be determined yet.

This is an intense appliqué quilt and although I didn't have lots of (almost none) experience in appliqué I decided to begin with it and see how it would go. I'm sure that there could be eventual remarks by experienced quilters and things that I can always improve but I'm quite pleased with the result thus far, keeping in mind that I never followed appliqué courses!
Everything I know I've learned from a couple of good books and from You Tube, which has a real treasure trove of tutorials ... I found a really good one from Jan Patek on how to turn sharp points.

Here's some progress pictures of my quilt ...

Early debut 29th of September 2013
Putting all the gridlines and the position of the compass (water erasable marker)
Compass has been appliquéd (?) and the shell border is drawn
In the meanwhile I've completed 10 triangles in a dark green colour and started to fill in the remaining 10 with a lighter green. I'll continue afterwards with something very tedious = making the zigzag border (1,5 inch for each piece) :-).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

OEQC 2013

I had a blast this weekend visiting the OEQC or better known as the Open European Quilt Championships. Since this year (or was it last year) this event takes place two times a year, in May it's more expositions and selling of all things patchwork and in October the championships are held - also including lots of options for stash acquisitions :-).

There were a couple of things I didn't want to miss like Jeannet with her quilts. She's soo lovely talking to, very down to earth and sympathetic.

Jeannet has been connected to textiles in the broadest sense for all her life. She has been quilting since 2000, but before that she was already involved with spinning, weaving and puppet making. Jeannet is a ‘Cosy Quilter’ and derives the colors of her work from the countryside where she lives and works. She really enjoyes rummaging through her fabrics and matching them in different ways. In doing so she uses the Japanese principle of ‘Wabi Sabi’ which means as much as: not perfect yet still right. She usually works with existing patterns that she adapts in her own color choices. Jeannet’s main goal for her quilts is that they breath cosyness and warmth. She enjoys making tops, but quilting is not her favorite activity, therefore she has had a lot her quilts quilted by machine.
(from OEQC website)


Well done Jeannet! Can you believe she has something like 20-25 quilts and she's only been quilting for 10 years!?

Two other ladies which I admire for their gorgeous appliqué quilts are Rita Frizzera from Italy and Joop Smiths-Jansen from Holland.

Rita Frizzera was born in Trento but now lives in Genova (Italy). Since her childhood, she is interested in experimenting different decorative techniques.
It is only in 2003, fascinated by patchwork and quilting that she decides to take some basic classes. Soon, although she gets her inspiration in the traditional techniques, she abandons its framework, adding some personal touches that make her work original and unique. She especially likes the hand appliqué techniques. She also learned how to free hand machine quilt and by constantly practising these techniques, she acquired a real speed and accuracy in the way she works.
(OEQC website)


Joop Smits-Jansen started the quilt art in 1979 at the age of 57 years. Her friend Hanne Vibeke de Koning was interested in quilting and followed a course in Paris by the famous American Sophie Campbell. She shared her enthusiasm about quilting with Joop. When Sophie Campbell gave a course on invitation by Hanne Vibeke in Bilthoven, it was no longer difficult to persuade Joop. The next course by Campbell was about application, Joop found this a bit less interesting. She therefore continued with patchwork at Hanne Vibeke, Hanne was teaching for herself now. The turning point came in 1980 at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, where a Baltimore album quilt by Mary Williams from about 1846 was on display. She was immediately hooked and took a large poster of the quilt as an example in her own initial design steps in the specialty application.
During the long gestation time of her own Baltimorequilt and thereafter, Joop remained giving lectures and courses in the country. Together with Hanne Vibeke de Koning she gave courses for years. Later she gave courses with Karin Pieterse at different locations, also for many years.
Together with Coleta Grimmelt (store owner in patchwork fabrics in Utrecht) the ladies formed a quartet that also managed to organize many successful exhibitions. The last exhibition was Leusden in 1995. Here Joop’s completed Baltimorequilt was on display for the first time. From 1994 her home in Bilthoven became her regular teaching venue. A few years later Inge Wijninga joined up to now.
Joop is now 90 years old and as active as her health permits. Her home is always open to new and old students. Others are now sometimes her eyes and hands, but her quilting knowledge is unsurpassed and new generations of quilters take advantage of that.
* These are very special quilts originated in 1845 and stopped already in 1856. Mary Simon designed the quilts and she used mostly bright colors: red baskets with lots of flowers and birds. Many musical instruments are visable. To earn some money she sold packets, which were very popular. Baltimore quilts are quilts with stories. That’s why I have my husband and my children depicted in my quilt, their profession or their hobby. Of course there is a lot more to tell about the Baltimore, but that story would not fit on this page.
(OEQC website)



A couple of other quilts I admired ...

In the "Quiltersgilde" booth ... they have 13.000 members in Holland and this quilt was
specially designed by one of their members to celebrate their 30th anniversary year.

Catching Beauty by Sylvia Kaptein (the Netherlands)
it won the 2nd prize in the category Intermediate quilts

Autumn in Berlin by Annelies Ghyselen from Belgium
she won the Quiltmania award
(being proud of a fellow countryman here :-)


And in the category special or plain nuts :-)
Skin by Maryan Geluk - punch technique (for sale at 500€ per piece)

Transparant by Ineke Poort - Polyester teabags (500€ as well)
Of course I didn't come out empty-handed! I bought a couple of fabrics for the Love Entwined quilt by Ester Aliu but that's for my next blog post! ;-)
I hope you liked my tour!