Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some crochet

Well ... it's been a long time since I've last crocheted a thing and as we all know crafters have a large area of interests! ;-)

I plan on starting two shawl projects. The first one I've found via Rachel of Country & Cosy. She likes the patterns soo much that she's making three shawls at the same time, each in a different colour. I have the same type of yarn but in another colour combo :-).

The second one is called "Blue Oceans" via Jellina Creations. Doesn't the name alone sound wonderfull ;-)? I've got a couple of cotton "balls" that will be perfect for it (and that I'll love making when we're on holiday at the coast)!

Thanks ladies for your patterns - or the links to them!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jane ... again

Hope you aren't getting bored with my updates on Dear Jane!

I'm sooo in love with this quilt and it's colours - sometimes I amaze myself :-). I got a good advice from the ladies in the quilt shops I often go to : "don't buy your fabrics all at once but build it up row by row". For me this is an advice that works.

So without further ado ...

It's on my kitchen floor because it's becoming too big ... 34 blocks so far
Green row - from right to up to left :
C7 : start Sunday 29th of June - finish Monday 30th of June 2014
D6 : start and finish - Monday 30th of June 2014
E5 : start and finish - Tuesday 1st of July 2014
F4 : start and finish - Friday 4th of July 2014
G3 : start and finish - Saturday 5th of July 2014
H4 : start and finish - Saturday 5th of July 2014
I5 : start and finish - Sunday 6th of July 2014
J6 : start Sunday 6th of July - finish Monday 7th of July 2014
K7 : start Wednesday 9th of July - finish Thursday 10th of July 2014

Last week must have been the week of new techniques ;-). On Thursday 10th I tackled some paperpiecing = I made a pin cushion to take with me to the workshop "Cathedral Windows" (see previous post) on Saturday 12th.

It still needs a cute button in the middle

Design taken from this (recent) book by Jessica Alexandrakis
At this point I have a problem : I'm planning the next row which should be purple. However ... it's really hard to find enough nice purple fabrics. It would be nice if you could swap with me or point me to websites where they have enough purples :-). Thanks for helping me out!
Have a nice weekend! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Workshop "Ramen lappen" with Ingrid and Dorry

Hi all,

Saturday 12th I passed the border to Holland in order to follow a workhop "Ramen lappen" with Ingrid from the blog Supergoof and Dorry from Quilt it and Dotty in Tilburg. I didn't know what to expect from the town but it was bigger than I imagined (it is the 6th biggest town in Holland).

Both windows (left and right of the entry door)
The shop seen from two different angles
As for the workshop ... It meant that we were going to try and learn the Cathedral Windows technique. Apparantly it can be explained in a couple of ways but we all agreed that Ingrid's (and Dorry's) way was the nicest and maybe also the easiest. I don't know the others methods but I will be sticking with this method as it worked out fine for me and the other nine participating ladies.

The kit was available in red-beige or beige-blue (I took the beige-blue)

Our groups were divided in two "parties" ;-)... I was in the kitchen with 4 other ladies and
5 ladies were in the front (class)room. Here you see Ingrid beginning the course

Here's my progress and a view on the lunch we had

Everything was well organised. We took our course, had a lovely lunch prepared by Dorry followed by a show-and-tell by Ingrid.

Her very first quilt ... baskets (not the easiest to begin with)

The famous "Klosjes quilt" who caused a real "klosjes"wave around the world and the "Thimble quilt"
with 6.552 pieces of predominantly red and a little bit of greens, blues, oranges and pinks

A very big quilt - 2,5 to 3 metres broad - based on a design in the Blackbird Designs
"When the Cold Wind Blows" book

One of the ladies brought a quilt she's making for her daughter. Afterwards it will go on her daughter's bed in her student room. It's her very first quilt for which she collected all the jeans trousers from her daughter.

One of the other participants brought a beautifull Love Entwined quilt. We were all in awe with this beauty!
Go to Esther Aliu's blog for more information.
Here's my Cathedral Window tryout after a couple of hours of hard work :-)!

And as you could've thought ... I didn't go out of the shop empty handed!

The Simply Vintage Summer edition ... I really like the small redwork quilt! 

This one has been on my wish list for a very long time!
I just want to say to all the ladies: thank you for this lovely day and to Dorry and Ingrid thank you for learning us a new technique in such a pleasant atmosphere and surroundings. I'll certainly be returning for other workshops! :-)
So this week I'll be working some more on my Dear Jane quilt, make some more Cathedral Window blocks and try to stitch a little bit more on mom's Asian Beauty! ;-)
Have a nice week!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dear Jane time ... again

I'm on a roll and don't wanna stop! ADDICTION!!! ;-)

I'm trying to do as much as possible on the "green tour" because I want to show off with my Dear Jane this Saturday (12th) because I'm going to the Supergoof class in Holland - hosted by Quilt It & Dotty - where she'll tell us how to make Cathedral Windows, followed by a lovely lunch made by Dorry and a show-and-tell in the afternoon by Ingrid. A blog post about the previous lesson can be found at Ingrid's website.

Sooo ... here's a piccie from my quilt WIP (taken on July 1st)!

The red tour entirely finished! In the meanwhile I've already made 9 green blocks
(an upload from my Ipad - with a more recent piccie - doesn't work for the moment).

See you soon!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Over and out

On Saturday 5th of July our Red Devils played their 5th match in the quarter finals against Argentina. What we hoped for didn't come through ... we lost with 0-1 against Argentina (in 1982 we won with 1-0 against them - and Diego Maradona).

1982 against Argentina

I think we can be proud of our national team which was one of the youngest teams in the championships. Who knows what we'll see of them within two or four years when they're more mature?

Have a nice week!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Go Devils!

On Tuesday our national football team played their 4th match in the 1/8th finals against the USA.
It was an exciting match with plenty of opportunities (we went 14 times for the goal - the USA but 4 times) but they weren't able to score immediately. Only in the 30 minutes of prolongations the final result was : Belgium 2 - USA 1.

Full time: Belgium 0 USA 0. Thirty more minutes. Can you handle it?

GOAL! BELGIUM 1 USA 0 (De Bruyne 92) It’s the substitute Lukaku who makes it, bursting down the right and squaring to De Bruyne who skips inside some tired challenges and fires across Howard and into the corner. Howard sticks out a leg - an effective approach so far - but he can't keep it out.

GOAL! BELGIUM 2 USA 0 (Lukaku 104) Belgium are surely into the last eight. Once again it's on the counter. It's a reversal of the first goal as De Bruyne threads a pass through to Lukaku and the finish is emphatic, rifling past Howard first time with his left foot.

GOAL! BELGIUM 2 USA 1 (Green 106) What's happening here, It's a great ball from Bradley and an even better run by Green. He meets it on the volley, doesn't catch it cleanly but it beats Courtois and nestles in the corner. It's his first touch, not only of this game but of the World Cup. Not a bad way to start. And it's game on again. Hang on to your hats, folks.

The bodies strewn all over the pitch at the final whistle told the story more emphatically than any words. It was a crazy, thrilling, head-spinning game. USA are going home, Belgium are going through. Everyone needs to go and lie down now. All of you.

The last eight line up is as follows:
Friday July 4
France v Germany 5pm BST
Brazil v Colombia 9pm BST

Saturday July 5
Argentina v Belgium 5pm BST
Holland v Costa Rica 9pm BST

Taken from this website :

I can tell you that the whole country went nuts because we'll be in the 1/4th finals ... against Argentina this time. We'll see this Saturday (keep our fingers crossed)!

Even one of our national landmarks was "dressed" for the occasion when the world series began.

I didn't post this message yesterday because we went on an excursion to Pairi Daiza with the collegues and it was late and I was too tired. Pictures will follow! ;-)