Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ornament SAL June 2013

It's already that time of the month for posting my update on the Silver Lotus' 2013 SAL :-)

I would like to enter two of my Country Cottage Needleworks "Houses of the Month" series, being January and February.

Entirely stitched with DMC on 32-ct Lambswool linnen 

Next month I hope to show you March and April or one/two houses of Country Cottage "Santa's Village" :-).

Current mock-up picture of the Santa's Village

Have a nice day!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Quite some adventure

Yesterday (Sunday) marked the start of a new stitching adventure ... one that won't be finished for quite some while.

As you might already know I just love the German designers and I decided to venture into something that is completely new to me ... stitching a tablecloth!

I already had my eye for quite some time on a Christmas tablecloth featured in the book "Winterzauber" from Acufactum. I have a beautifull piece of fabric that's just perfect for it (only flaw = it's a 10ct instead of the asked for 12ct). Vaupel & Heilenbeck yarns were ordered and duely received so ... off with this adventure!

I'll show you a real picture once there's more to show than the meager 30 stitches I have now (needed to baste the whole thing, count to make sure I was starting at the good place, ... this all took more time than I thought it would take :-)!

Here's a preview of how it will look like once finished.

The fun I'll have playing with new to me threads!

Of course ... this will be for Christmas 2014! :-)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Stitching plans

Now that knitting the dresses for both daughters is almost finished, I'm starting to think about my projects that I'll be doing the next couple of weeks during that the long summer holiday - which will be sunny I hope :-)

You're going to laugh with me but I'm already thinking about some Halloween and Christmas projects because I won't make it in time to finish any bigger summer project before the ending of September. It will definitely be a Cricket Collection theme for the rest of the year.

My original Summer projects would've been:


But then there are other projects that are calling my name louder and louder :-)! I definitely need to finish my Sleepy Hollow because I want it to be my "showpiece"  on Halloween and I'm tempted starting Ladie's Night or Haunted Treehouse ...


There's one thing ... I don't know where to find small badges of the fabric used
(which I simply adore)!

And then I didn't even speak of the Christmas projects ...

Something I want to take with me to the Provence are the Santa's Village charts by Country Cottage Needleworks. Buy yikes ...  I didn't even make a start with them.

I don't intend to stitch them in the traditional way = on one big piece of linnen. The reason for this is simple ... wallspace and a husband who doesn't want to put a lot of holes/nails in our walls to hang frames so I needed to be more creative. Here's what ... I'm going to finish them into a banner!


 I didn't need to put the pictures on but I just wanted the eyecandy! ;-)

I'm not completely sure which banner/bunting form I'm going use and how to attach the embroidered pieces to the banner parts. I'm almost positive that it won't be a plain rectangular or square shape but something more "curvy" finished off with buttons, ribbons, jingles, felt snowflakes or candy canes, ... my imagination is running wild LOL!!!

It would be fun if you could give me some suggestions on which things/charts you would like me to do first! ;-)

That's it for now! Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I can't wait

Hi all,

Yesterday marked the release of the new Hobbit trailer - the second one out of three called "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug".

I've seen it ... and I can't wait for it's release!!!

It'll hit the theaters on December 13th this year. Guess where I'll be? :-)

A couple of teaser pictures:

Off reading "The Hobbit" again ;-) !!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New toy

June ... already!

The reason for not posting over a week is/was triple :

1st - finally some good weather arrived over here and I've been living more outdoors than indoors (hence not much computer time for me)

2nd - last Sunday (2nd of June) marked the beginning of the sunnier period but still with lots of wind. Guess what ... I "caught" myself an angina - infected throat (I recognised the signs because this was the 5th or 6th time I had it).

3rd - the reason of my blog post title :-) I received something I was lusting for quite some time from my hubby = a tablet. Not one of those fancy yet pricey brands but something that will do for my requirements (reading my mail online, checking out blogs and playing around :-).

Stitching wise I didn't produce a lot of things because I NEED to finish my daughter's dresses. In the meanwhile I've made some good progress. Sunday 2nd I finished the first dress and now I'm already on the second part of the second dress ... are you still following? ;-)

Now there's a funny story about that dress .... I started to knit this one for my eldest daughter aged 7 and I took a pattern for an 8-year old. Once assembled it was too short in my opinion ... but it fits marvelously for my 5-year old!

So instead of knitting a smaller dress, I'm making a bigger one (took the pattern for a 10-year old). I also had to buy another skein/ball (?)

You see ... I'm quite occupied for the moment! The deadline I've given myself is end of June to finish the second dress + sleeves on both dresses (if I'm short in time, the sleeves will be put on afterwards :-).

I also want to continue my both Halloween cross stitch pieces (Trio of Witches and Sleepy Hollow) soooo badly!!! And I have a new Christmas project in mind - no make that two! I'll write about it in my next post :-)!