Sunday, February 24, 2013

Supergoof's Trunkshow

Hi all,

Looking at my blog posts of January and February it seems that I don't have a lot of inspiration for the moment. This doesn't mean that I'm quiet on the hobby front :-).

However ... yesterday was a special day! I got to see Ingrid Van der Horst, better known as Supergoof, in real live and better yet, also her quilts that we were allowed to touch, sniff, ... ;-).

I already knew a lot of stuff from her blog but it was sooo impressive to hear her stories and see those quilts live! 79 other women agread :-)

Here's an impression:

Welcome drink (look at the welcoming "gifts") and introducing Ingrid or "Supergoof"

Wedding ring quilt

Basket quilt - motif coming from an old Ariadne (have to look up that one)

The famous "Klosjesquilt" that was even made on other continents (like the USA)

The "vingerhoedjesquilt" - ideal for scraps

Baskets from the Blackbird Designs "When the Cold Wind blows" book - this one wasn't finished yet
so Ingrid didn't pass it - I loved the way she finished the quilt = with dark triangles!

Pockets of Posies - design from Hatched and Patched. Look at those BLACK flowers (very daring)

... quilt nr. 1 on my to do list :-)

Nearly Insane from the Liz Lois book ... quilt nr. 2

Dear Jane from the book by Brenda Papadakis ... quilt nr. 3

A beautifull Mariner's Compass quilt - also from an old Ariadne if I'm not mistaken

Sticheries from "Life is Beautifull" by Helen Stubbings, combined with Chinese blocks

Chickens and Noah's Ark

Sarah Morell ... lovely applications (now in the posession of Ingrid's mother - what a lovely gift)

Houses quilt, made long before it was a trend :-) ... there's a special story behind it but
you can read all about it on Ingrid's blog

A simple but precious quilt ... Ingrid's father spent his last couple of weeks with it ...
sooo precious!

I love the colours in this Drunkyard's Path

 Ingrid's own design that relates to her profession that of "Kraamverzorgster" which means that she stays for 5-10 days with a couple after their baby is born - quite unique and only in Holland (and maybe Belgium) 

Two quilts in the making : an own design and a Dear Jane in diamond blocks form

Possibilities to purchase some stock = two shops were present

I hope you liked my report!


♥ Nia said...

Thank you for sharing these photos with us! :D I don't know much about quilt but it's nice to see some different works :)
hugs to you!!

Elza said...

Geweldig is dat een voorstelling vanGoof, ben ik ook geweest een tijdje terug.
Zwolle is voor jou wel erg ver, misschien een overnachting en een paar dagen van maken. Het is wel de mooiste handwerkbeurs in Nederland. Groetjes Elza.

Anonymous said...

Ik heb genoten van je verslag. Dank ook voor de foto's. groeten Wilma

Giovanna said...

Truly lovely quilts, thanks for sharing.

zonnedekens said...

Heeeel leuk verslag ! Dank je wel voor je aanwezigheid .