Monday, February 4, 2013

Busy weekend and some crochet

First of all a warm welcome to my new followers (and the existing ones as well)! Thanks for all your kind comments the last couple of days!

I've had quite a busy weekend which was kicked of with the birthday of my eldest DD who turned 7 on Friday (where's the time when she was a little baby that fitted in the palm of my hand?). Here's something she made last Wednesday - I think she inherited my creative genes ;-).

On Saturday it was shopping and laundry day and on Sunday I didn't really feel like stitching but I decided to start on a crocheted shawl ... in red (I just adore red).
The thread is entirely cotton, available in different colours (saffron, purple, pink, light and dark blue and green and so on). It asks for a crochet size 3 but I'm doing it with 3 1/2.
Frankly ... it's not really a pleasant thread to crochet with because I often get caught/tangled with my hook in the thread that consists of different smaller strands.

DMC Natura - Nr 23

We "closed" our weekend this night (Sunday to Monday) with a fire nearby (50 metres of where we live) in one of the 30 garages that belongs to an appartment block where we used to live. It's really impressive to see it that nearby and it has only increased the respect that I feel for all the firemen.
On a side note: no one was harmed, it was only material damage.

Stay safe!


Giovanna said...

Many happy returns to your daughter - what a super cat she made :-) And your shawl is lovely too.

Noni said...

That kitty is too cute! ^-^

Brigitte said...

I love your daughter's little cat, so creative. Great, your start on the red shawl. I love crocheting, too, but haven't doen it for a long time - just no time. But I think when I'll be retired I'll take it up again.