Thursday, August 23, 2012

Old quilting book

In my previous post I've talked about a couple of books I've brought back from my holiday at the coast.

Today I want to show you the second-hand quilting book from the 70's (or was it 80's?). Here's more information about it. Before everything was printed in low-cost European countries like Spain (I presume) ... nowadays a lot of printing related things are sent to China!

I simply adore this book! Why? Well because of:
- the look and feel of the 70's/80's - hair, make-up, costumes and colour choices for the quilts
- the nostalgic feeling it gives! My mom was still young and I a small child
- a lot of the instructions are in drawing form - now everything is step by step photography
- ...


Still cute after all that time!
Did we ever want to dress our kids like THAT (shame on you mom)!?
Looks to me like something between My Fair Lady and Wuthering Heights :-)
 Ouch (all those frills) and double ouch (avant la lettre or what)! :-)


Still very up-to-date and instructive (although some things have changed)!

Before xerox :-) ... and some snowflake cutting :-)

Love those drawings (soo different with modern books)!
Clamshells ... beautifull but oh so tricky!
And some of the quilts of course

Hexagons and yo-yo ... popular and from all times!
Small but very do-able for me (that box really appeals)!

I would love to have a douwle wedding ring and log cabin in my closet!

Which sentiments do you have with this walk down memory lane? ;-)

Hope you liked it?

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Isadarena said...

Hello Ann, en lisant ton article, je sens combien tu apprécies cet ancien livre de quilting : vas-tu réaliser un "log Cabin" ou un "doble wedding ring" comme tu le souhaites??
Belle journée à toi,