Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holidays and Love Entwined quilt

Hi all,

Last week marked the Fall Holidays at school so ... my hubby, 2 DD's and myself went for a relaxing midweek at one of the Center Parcs in Holland and we enjoyed it very much (being lazy, reading, swimming, eating, crafting, ...)!

Of course a whole big bag of needlecraft items went with me but I only worked on my Love Entwined Marriage coverlet by Ester Aliu. After scoring a couple of new fabrics in the quilt store and at the Open European Quilt Championships I was ready to give my central compass a third tryout = two others were dismissed after cutting and putting it together because I didn't like the final outcome.

From the "Potterije" quilt shop in Lokeren. The two blues in the upper left corner will be used for the zigzag border and the light blue = fourth from the left will be used for the 4 corner vases ... the rest is to be determined yet.

This is an intense appliqué quilt and although I didn't have lots of (almost none) experience in appliqué I decided to begin with it and see how it would go. I'm sure that there could be eventual remarks by experienced quilters and things that I can always improve but I'm quite pleased with the result thus far, keeping in mind that I never followed appliqué courses!
Everything I know I've learned from a couple of good books and from You Tube, which has a real treasure trove of tutorials ... I found a really good one from Jan Patek on how to turn sharp points.

Here's some progress pictures of my quilt ...

Early debut 29th of September 2013
Putting all the gridlines and the position of the compass (water erasable marker)
Compass has been appliquéd (?) and the shell border is drawn
In the meanwhile I've completed 10 triangles in a dark green colour and started to fill in the remaining 10 with a lighter green. I'll continue afterwards with something very tedious = making the zigzag border (1,5 inch for each piece) :-).


Yvon (jioya) said...

wat ziet het er mooi uit!
veel plezier ermee.

groetjes Yvon.

EvalinaMaria said...

looks beautiful, well done!

Eressea said...

Wow, wat wordt ie mooi!!! Ik ben al tijden verliefd op dit patroon, maar als ik alle blogs zie is het echt een heel karwei! Ik moet zeggen, dit is één van de mooiste kleurencombinaties die ik tot nu heb zien langskomen! Wat een vreselijk leuke stofjes!!