Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some knitting ... maybe a large throw?

Gosh ... another week has passed without posting! I guess I don't feel inspired a lot for the moment due to that grey, dull and rainy weather that keeps on going. It's way too cold and rainy for the time of the year and it feels like Autumn instead of Spring!!!

As you'll maybe know by now, I'm also venturing into the knitting world with some easy models that I'm trying to realise.

First one was a small bag with cable, second two lovely dresses for my girls (not yet finished due to my fingers that where in a bad shape after knitting for a week) and ... I've recently seen an idea that inspired me.

Here it is ... what do you think?

Jolanda's blanket made entirely of embroidery wool found in a thrift store
(featured on the blog from Wieke van Keulen)

In my stash ... a box with around 1000 skeins in a rainbow of colours
I've made a first tryout block like the ones in Jolanda's blanket but I tend to knit a little bit "tense" so I'll have to look out for other options like crocheting granny squares or knitting another type of square. You see ... I want the blanket to at least cover one person :-). Suggestions are always welcome!!!
In the meantime my second witch of the Needle's Notion Trio is almost finished (need another skein of Weeks Dye Works called White Lightening - what's in a name) and started the third witch. I hope to do a "ta-da moment" soon :-)
Have a nice week!


Giovanna said...

That's a pretty blanket - I'm sure you'll make an equally lovely one. Look forward to seeing your witches.

Marcy said...

What a fun idea. I can't wait to see your finished afghan.

Brigitte said...

That blanket is a gorgeous idea. And it should be a lot of fun with all the different colours.

Carol said...

That will be such a pretty blanket, Ann!! Good luck with it :)