Monday, February 24, 2014

Châtelaine challenge

As you may - or might not - know, I'm a real fan of the designs of Martina Rosenberg (formerly Weber) because she creates such beautifull pieces.

I wouldn't call 2013 a good year for my "Chatelaine adventures", so that's why I've decided to participate in a SAL created by Joyce.

I have many pieces to chose from ranging from just started to half finished (unfortunatelly not more than that :-) and decided to give my long neglected Misty Morning Vineyard some loving attention.

Here's a picture from how it should look like once finished :

Stitching on the peacocks for the moment
the middle is almost finished except for the beading and the flowers

Everything will be hosted by Joyce at the Chatelaine Stitchers' blog as we all progress in our SAL :-).

That's it for now!


Giovanna said...

Enjoy the challenge! It's a lovely design.

Stitching Noni said...

The more the merrier as they say! Looking forward to seeing your progress on this lovely design :)

Anna said...

Hoi Ann
dank je voor het volgen van mijn blog, ik wil hier even reageren op je vraag over mijn etagere,

Ik heb deze niet zelf gekocht maar gekregen, ik weet het niet meer zeker maar volgens mij waren ze toen te koop bij Xenos,
Ik heb 'm al 2jaar, en weet dus ook niet of ze ze nog verkopen!
Lieve groetjes xxx Anna