Thursday, April 17, 2014

Start on Dear Jane quilt

I have been pondering about this quilt for almost two years but felt I wasn't ready for it yet ... untill someone at a recent quilt show told me to "just dive in".

The original Dear Jane quilt from 1863 - made by Jane A. Stickle and brought to our
attention by Brenda Papadakis who painstakingly drafted and published the blocks
in a book (read somewhere that it is one of the best selling quilt books out there)

Here are the first two blocks. Lots of the "Janiacs" (the ladies working on this quilt :-) start with the first row and then work their way down. I've started from the middle out which allows me to stop whenever I want - although I want to tackle the whole "monster" ;-).

Block G7 - started and finished Tuesday 15th of April
Block G8 - started and finished Wednesday 16 of April

On this blog I've read that when making 5 blocks a week this quilt takes 1 year to complete. When taking 4 blocks per month (which is more realistic for a working mom) this equals 4 1/2 years ... ouch! :-) What counts is having fun chosing fabrics, thinking of the next blocks and bringing the whole thing to life!

I see quite some blocks in my near future! LOL!!!


Melissa said...

Wow that is a monster of a quilt, but in such a good way! Looking forward to seeing all the progress :)


The Maiden said...

That is way above my skill level! Great start!

Brigitte said...

Oh wow! What a great project this is. I have always loved seeing this quilt on the blogs. Enjoy!