Monday, May 5, 2014

Long weekend and the saga continues

Hello all,

Hope you were able to enjoy a long and sunny weekend? For us the first of May is a Bank Holiday and a lot of companies made the bridge to the weekend. For us this meant four days of uninterrupted holidays which we've spent at the Belgian coast.

On the cross stitch side nothing happened but on the quilting side I've added another four blocks. It has slowed down a bit because I need to work as well to earn my living - LOL!!!

Here they are ...

F6 : Start, Saturday 26th of April - finish, Sunday 27th of April 2014 

H6 : Start, Monday 29th of April - finish, Thursday 1st of May 2014
I7 : Start, Thursday, 1st of May - finish, Friday 2nd of May 2014

H8 : start, Friday 2nd of May - finish, Sunday 4th of May 2014

I hope I'm not annoying you with all this info and personal data but for me this is also kind of a journal to keep up with the actual making of this - to me - gigantic quilt :-).

Updates on my stay at the seashore will follow ;-).

B.t.w. ... Barbara Ana has released some new cutie Halloween designs! Have a look ...

The Rampant Cats Sampler

Something Wicked
(By the prickling of my thumbs)

The Witch, The Crow and the Pumpkin (my favourite)


Amarins said...

Schitterend, wat mooi gedaan allemaal!
Groetjes, Amarins

Brigitte said...

Great new quilt blocks. And these new Barbara Ana designs are so gorgeous, it's about time for me to buy my first design by her. Thanks for sharing.