Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back from the holidays

Hi all,
As you could've thought I was on holiday. As said before I don't like to post that I'm away - you never know who's watching/reading this ... We took a break for three weeks of which we went to the Belgian coast (we had great weather) the first two weeks and relaxed at home the last week.
As usual I had packed a couple of projects in different areas = crochet, knitting, quilting, cross stitch. However ... it seems that I did a little bit of everything but with no great advances in all of my projects ;-). We relaxed - and so did I. So what did I do ...?
I've bought a new Dimensions Gold kit in my favourite LNS (at the sea). My husband really likes it so I decided to make it for him - although this one won't be finished immediately. You see, Dimensions projects - the bigger ones - tend to be fully embroidered and have lots of backstitch, mixed colours etc.

Dimensions Gold - Rocky Point

So far I've done the lighthouse and part of the trees that are at the left. Currently I'm working on the lighthouse tower. Forgot to take a picture this morning but will share later this week.

I've also made a couple of blocks for my Dear Jane quilt but less then I wanted. Maybe I've lost a little bit of my quilting mojo. I'm sure this will be better in September/October when everything is back to the normal routines = school, work, weekends.

Picture taken this morning - again on my kitchen floor :-)
I still need to attach the first two purple blocks of the new "round"

It's been a couple of months since I've knitted. I was waiting for "something" but didn't know what! When Joke from the blog "Blij dat ik Brei" posted a pic last week of a really cool afghan - pattern for free on Ravelry - I was immediately sold because it made me think of a Kaffe Fassett (well know for his lively colour choices and knitting and quilting books).
This would also give me the opportunity to play around with a brand of sock yarn that I like a lot = a yarn produced in Holland that's called Scheepjes (eng: Boats) and that offers quite some variegated skeins/balls (?). 
I plan on starting it this evening - after making pancakes for Hubby's birthday (and because the kids asked for it - otherwise I would've made a chocolate cake (there are lots of yummy ones on Pinterest)!

Happy Blanket by Camilla Gugenheim

Here's my colours - I still want to add an orange/green and turquoise/blue combination :

There lovely aren't they? I'm just curious how it'll go because it's the first time that I'll be knitting short rows. With me luck!
That's it for now! I'll be back soon! :-)


Manuela said...

Hello Ann,

a wonderful new stitch project and a beautiful progress on your Dear Jane Quilt.

Greetings, Maneula

Johanna Faber said...

wat een schitterende deken is dit geworden
en je Insane prachtig
Groetjes uit Zweden

Ann als je me even een mail stuurt ivm met Inga P patr.