Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Still around :-)

This will be a blogpost whitout pictures!

Well ... it has been a while since I last posted on my blog. January came and flew by, followed by February and now we're already a couple of days into March!

The reason for not posting much is that:

A- Our old computer that needed to be replaced. We bought a new one in January but ... it took some time to install all of the programs and get used to the new Windows 8 system - which frankly drives me up the wall because it is completely different from the old one we were used to! I heard from a collegue that lots of people are experiencing the same thing!

B- I'm experiencing lots of problems downloading my pictures to Blogger (and I didn't find the courage yet to try on our new computer ;-).

C- I don't have lots of progress to report about. I've been hooked at playing Hayday and Farmville 2 in the evenings so not much time was spent with needle nor thread (be it embroidery, quilting or knitting). Nevertheless I've managed to stitch a little bit on my "Weihnachten steht vor der Tür" by UB Design but it will be a finish - I hope - for Christmas next year.
Husband also asked me to work some more on his lighthouse (a kit from Dimensions Gold called Rocky Point).

In the meanwhile I went to the "Hobbysalon" in Antwerp two weekends ago. Pictures will follow ... hopefully!

Have a nice week!

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