Monday, August 3, 2015

Back from the holidays etc ...

Hi all,

I know ... it has been long since I last posted a blog entry. Looking back I see that my blog has been seriously neglected this year. I guess it's all due to different factors: not much inspiration followed by a very busy period. All started with the Easter holidays, then our DDs had their end of schoolyear tests, followed by our holiday at the Belgian coast. So you see ... a little bit of everything :-).

So what did I do hobby related?
I added some books and charts to my stash, spent most of my time during our summer holidays in July on crocheting on my red shawl and started on another HAED - a supersize this time (what was I thinking?).

Books and magazines - most of the time Quiltmania ones:

I first purchased nr. 2 and then absolutely wanted to obtain nr. 1 because the Passacaglia quilt is featured in it and I want to make it sometimes. First it was out of stock but in the meantime Quiltmania decided to reprint it (big relief) - I received it last week Friday :-).
Not sure what to think about the "Simply Moderne". It's fun for sure but ... maybe not entirely my taste. I'll be giving it another chance within a couple of months when nr. 2 appears and then I will decide if I'll continue with it or not.

And a couple of other ones as well:

Rico Designs - Herbstwald (Autumn Forest) and Frülingsgarten (Spring Garden)

Le Temps Apprivoisé - Les vaches au point de croix

A couple of cross stitch designs from one of my favourite designers - Renato Parolin - destined to be stitched for my kitchen :-) :

Basse Cour 1 and 2 by Renato Parolin
I'll leave you with a picture of the supersized Wine Shelf :-) ... progress will be posted later this week when there's more to show than a couple of 100 x-stitches :-).
Heaven and Earth Designs - Aimée Stewart
Supersized Wine Shelf
I'm also tempted by this one :
Heaven and Earth Designs - Aimée Stewart
Supersized Secret Garden
That's it for now. See you soon again!
Have a nice week for now!

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Ineke said...

Glad to see you back. Sometimes life is too busy to write blogs. Love the 'shelf' things! Loads of details every time I look at them. They will be a joy to stitch!