Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another update

Well ... long time no see! I guess I'm not very motivated this year to keep up with my blog! Nevertheless, there are many things going on "behind the scene" :-).

I've done various things like:
- continued crocheting on my red scarf
- started on a crocheted poncho for my youngest DD in some very lovely fall colours
  (need to start another poncho for my eldest DD because she's jealous of her younger sister :-)
- plan to do some more knitting on my Happy blanket (pattern can be found for free on Ravelry)
- taking knitting courses for learning the Fair Isle (knitting) technique!
- ...

If you are wondering on my Supersized Wine Shelf ... Yes, I'm still in love with it and dying to continue on it but I'm strongly thinking of switching the fabric from Edinburg (stitch over two) to Lugana (stitch over one) since the piece is simply too big. Still test stitching on a small piece of fabric to see whether or not I like it :-).

Last Friday I did visit one of my favourite craft fairs, that in Malines (which I attend each year) and bought a couple of other goodies. Here's some pictures of the things to be seen:

One of my (few) purchases = a cartonnage kit to make this lovely sewing box

I finally discovered who designed this piece (one of my all time favourites)!
Thyme to Garden - Bird Brain Designs

Lots of felt pieces I liked ... there was something to cater for everyones taste! Different seasons and designs. Really lovely to see all the different possibilities!

See the boat wit "Sint & Piet" ... already working on it for December 6th! ;-)

And then some really lovely crochet ... although the pieces where much smaller in "real life" then on blogs :-)

Lovely mandala style cushion and Sophie's CAL 

Mochilla bag and lovly colours 

Waterlily Garden Pond CAL

And quilts ...

This huge monster greeted us at the entrance

I guess we were really spoiled this year since there were lots on new "stalls" and new techniques to discover. My friend and I ventured into polymer clay! :-)

For the "gamers" amongst us ...

Being a Star Wars fan this ends high on my "want/need" list!

And of course some embroidery / cross stitch!

Small chuckle ... I asked at which age children could make those three animal cross stitch designs? The lady: "oh no Madam, they are kits for adults" ... guess I've gotten to used of stitching big and complicated designs!

So darn cute!

Fallen in love with the "Fall Matrioshka" (part of a series of four" by Alisa (Russian) and
"Spaniard" by Luca-S (also Russian) but ... don't be fooled ... this one is in petit point!

And just for your convenience (and me to drool over) ... here are the other three! ;-) 
Матрешка. Летняя красаМатрешка. Зимняя краса
Spring - Summer - Winter          

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed the visit!

Take care!

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Bikegirl said...

I love the little felt foxes and hedgehogs! They are so cute. I wish we had more craft fairs that have something other than quilting in New Zealand. The reason I don't go to them because they only have quilting and that's not really my thing.
It must be so exciting to go to these and buy buy buy!!!