Monday, March 5, 2012


The frogs visited me this weekend. I almost finished the black border around the central motif of the new Serengeti mandala and somehow I was off ... on the left side I had 41 cm, on the right side 37 cm. Knowing myself, I decided to rip it out again and start all over even when this wouldn't be a big problem since I have foreseen enough border (12 cm on each side).

In the meantime I have browsed on the net to admire the new stitchy releases (Nashville and others). A girl can dream no?

Here are a couple of must haves:

Ink Circles- Rosetta   /   Glendon Place - Plum Pudding

Prairie Moon - No Mine is the Trick and the Treat

And some "maybe":

Glendon Place - Cherries Jubilee and Grashopper Pie

Jeannette Douglas Designs

Keslyn's - Butterfly Essence   /   Homespun Elegance - Spring Eggs III

So stitching wise the weekend wasn't great but we had fun because we had a couple of visiting friends with their two daughters about the same age as my two daughters ... Fiesta guaranteed! ;-)

Have a nice week!


Siobhán said...

Agh--sorry to hear about the ripping! At least you got to dream/drool over the new releases. I think half of the fun of monochromatic designs is figuring out what thread to use!

Joysze said...

Doh on the frogging!!!!! But it's all better now, so that's all good. :D

Anonymous said...


I'm your newest follower.

So sorry to hear you had a visit from the horrible frog!

All those new releases are just gorgeous!