Thursday, March 29, 2012

A couple of new books

As already told before, I love reading (and collecting) magazines and books on all kinds of "creative ventures" ;-) So ... I just wanted to show you my most recent purchases :-)

I really love those small booklets from Mango Pratique and now I've bought a second one of those series called "Coeurs" (or hearts).

The second one is from Julia Line - the creator of Long Dog Designs. This one is a little bit special because it is devided in two. On the one side you have a big map with all the charts and on the other side you have a thin book with all the photographs.

And the third one - my absolute favourite - takes us to the mountains :-)

A big part of my fun is just looking and browsing in all those wonderfull books and dreaming about when and how I will stitch them (even if it takes another five years before stitching can start). Sounds familiar no?! ;-)

Sending you lots of sun and stitching time! And have a nice weekend!


Miss T. said...

Wat een mooie aankoop en zo te zien kriebelt het bij jou om te beginnen borduren maar ontbreekt zoals de meesten tijd.
Maar zoals ze zeggen in 't Engels 'be careful what you wish for....' hoop ik voor u dat de er tijd komt voor de leuke ideetjes!
Fijne donderdag!
Miss T. x

♥ Nia said...

I love Mango Pratique books too :) I've made some patterns from these books, sometimes it's just a great resource for some small design, something different!
Have a great day!

Carol said...

Such pretty new designs! I just love browsing through my old magazines, cross stitch books, and charts, too!! Almost as fun as the actual stitching :)

Giovanna said...

Nice new books! I have the heart book too, it's really cute.

Anja said...

Thank you for the "look inside" of those books.
I never have the chance to see such books in a store, so it helps me very much to see it in blogs.

Liebe Grüße von Anja