Monday, March 19, 2012

Creativa Brussels 2012

This Saturday I visited the craft fair called Creativa in Brussels. Two friends went along (the one quite creative, the other one giving her first tries :-). There was lots to be seen in the five different "villages" : Textiles, Art, Craft and Hobby, Kids and Flowers and decoration.

I highly enjoyed because it's one of the best creative fairs in Belgium :-) Here are some pictures:

Entrance of the hall

Dessins DHC where I bought a chart for an octagonal box

Anny Boutique - where I found fabrics for making my first quilt

Dreaming of that big left box for my craft room
(it's quite expensive b.t.w.)


Some Gorjuss kits (photo taken with Pirlimpin in my thoughts :-)

Ceramics and "papier maché" (chewed paper :-)

Woodwork and Herbs, spices, tea and vinegars

Some of the quilts on display

The round ones are my favourite! It's from an artist called Pascale Bebronne (FR)
Think I'll be buying her special ruler once I get more into the quilting thing ;-)

There were lots of other things to see ... materials for scrapping and card making, candles, food, ... There were even the "beautify me" displays = nails, jewelry, ... ;-).

And more important yet ... Here's are my accumulated treasures! I had to seriously restrain myself, or otherwise I would've bought a double amount of things :-)! Especially the books section was reeeeaaaaally tempting (I've made a mental note which books I want and shall be buying them in the future but ... everything at it's proper time :-)

Hope you enjoyed my small tour! :-)


Giovanna said...

It looks like a great show - places like that are always great fun. Nice new stash!

Anonymous said...

I wish it was last Friday again !!!

Anne said...

Hello! I found you through the IHSW button!! Lovely tour through an amazing fair!! I would have a hard time containing myself!! Beautiful stash you acquired!!

♥ Nia said...

Ohhh my eyes stuck on those Gorjuss girls pictures!! And you remembered me?? =) I know, I love those girls too much ehehheh :)
Looks like you had a great time! Enjoy your new stash! :D

Jennifer M. said...

It looks like you had a fun time at the craft show. I could go a little crazy in show like that especially since I do all sorts of crafts too. :D Kudos for practicing restraint.


Anonymous said...


That craft show looks fantastic!
Your pictures are great.
Thanks for sharing.

Joysze said...

Oh wow, Ann!! It's a wonder you left at all. ;)

Debbie said...

wow! that box? AMAZING!

Isadarena said...

Oh Ann, quelle jolie ballade dans cet univers que j'adore :-))
Très belle journée,

Elza said...

Mijn Engels is niet goed genoeg vandaar even zo, wat mooi die beurs in Brussel daar zou ik ook wel eens willen zien. Super.

Willy said...

Leuke beurs is dat. Heel verleidelijk al die mooie dingen.
Fijn weekend, groetjes

Ivana said...

It had to be a wonderful show! Amazing substance, and the clover boxes ... Just the girl embroideries Gorjus :-)