Friday, June 1, 2012

Russia inspired stitching

Whilst creating my message on the 166th birthday of Carl Fabergé I had to think of the (Fabergé) egg designs by Terrence Nolan ... I have two charts that are calling my name = Milennium and St. Petersburg (especially the last one).

I know at least two people in the blogging community that have finished the "The Entchantment of Winter" egg, namely Dani and Hans ... they're sooo gorgeous (I wanted to post a piccie of the chart photo but didn't find one online because it's OOP - hope Dani and Hans won't mind me posting their finished pieces)!

Dani "Tkdchick"                                                                              Hans

This also makes me wanna start on St. Petersburg mandala by Chatelaine ... but with the Serengeti going on for the moment (which has the same size) there's no chance I'll be starting it in 2012 :-(

B.t.w. Martina released the fourth part of the Serengeti mandala and it's the right panel including the hippo. Yay, because I thought it would be the zebra's first (and I wanted to stitch in / do another colour palette).

Have a nice weekend (I know what I'll be doing :-)!

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