Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still alive and stitching

I'm still alive and kicking/stitching on part 4 of the Serengeti Mandala. The only thing I need to do now is fill in the hippo and do all that tedious backstitching of the waterlillies.

I don't think I'll be able to download the parts due on July 1st and August 1st because of the holiday season approaching (and I won't be always around or on my computer).

I'm not planning on abandoning Serengeti, but once part 4 is finished, I think I'll be starting on a series that I have since 4 or 5 years. First brought out via the French magazine "Marie Claire Idées".

I've always wanted to stitch them, have the complete year in my drawers, but never seemed to come around to actually stitch them.

It's not only cross stitch but also half crosses/needlepoint (?) over one ... Really looking forward to doing this!

Have a nice day!


Diane (di) said...

Ann, what a beautiful series. I especially like the colors in June and September. So pretty.

Looking forward to your Part 4 Serengeti finish, too! :)

Yvon (jioya) said...

Ze zien er ook wel heel leuk uit!

Veel plzier ermee.

Groetjes Yvon.

Ellie's Quiltplace said...

Wat een mooie borduurwerken!
Ik kan me voorstellen dat je hier graag mee aan de slag wilt!

Giovanna said...

These are lovely - have fun with them!

♥ Nia said...

Those designs are lovely :) but you will have a lot to stitch!! :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those french samplers are adorable! The french have some neat ideas when it comes to cross stitch designs.

Anonymous said...

Lovely French samplers, so colourful!