Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I have been busy!

My oh my! It has been a week since I've last posted a thing. I can tell you that I've been quite busy in the meantime!

Last weekend I've finished my six Santa ornaments from the Prairie Schooler. I've put some backing to them, sewed them together with my sewing machine, stuffed them and closed the "holes" ;-). The only thing I'm not sure of is how I'm going to finally finish them by using some own made cording or something else.

I'll have the opportunity to scout around a little bit tomorrow because I'm going to the "Libelle Winterfair" (sorry but the site is only in Dutch but you get the idea) and I know that there will be some crafty boots as well :-). Something else I'm going to try is Décopatch. I want to make a complete Christmas wreath in it ... something like this but in Christmas outfit ...

I've also mad a big pompom this weekend because at work we needed a new keychain hanger. It was years ago since I last made one but I immediately felt comfortable with it ... it only took a lot of time! :-)

The next thing I'm contemplating on doing again is spool knitting (punniken in Dutch but I don't know if the translation is correct). I only need to find my little "device" again to make those famous cords (must have put it away too well because I don't seem to find it and I've been looking everywhere :-).

Photo from

After reading the post of Amarins about her recent purchases I've decided to tackle my Christmas tree by UB Design again (see previous post). It's really a joy to work on it and I know that I'll be a little bit sad when it's done but ... there's still plenty of work to be done so no worries yet! LOL!!!

Picture a little bit dark (taken early this morning)

I'll post an update tomorrow or the day after on my Winterfair adventures!



Miss T. said...

Ann het ziet er allemaal geweldig uit!!!!!

Giovanna said...

Your Santas and the tree are wonderful!

Isadarena said...

Your Santas ornaments are really well done Ana : great idea :)

Petra said...

je kerstornamentjes zijn érg LEUK!

Carol said...

The Santas all look great lined up there, Ann!! Congratulations :)

Denise said...

I love your Santa's they are so cute. And I can't wait to see Christmas Tree done it also looks cute.
Happy Stitching

Andrea said...

Ann, please read my blog http://thecraftroom dot blogspot dotcom. You are the recipient of one of my Christmas RAK ornaments. Cut off point is TODAY I'm afraid for you to contact me.

♥ Nia said...

You finished all six! Well done sweetie :D