Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let it snow!

Or rather not! The one day we had snow over here our traffic didn't move a lot :-)

I've added some more ornaments (10 to be exact) on my Christmas tree and I'm moving up :-).

With and without flash (to show you the colours better)

As already said in my previous mails, I've added some Christmas decorations in my house. Althought it's a good start I think I can add lots and lots of ornaments in the future :-).

Have to add the "balls" ;-)
A large vase
Take this ... and this ...

It's snowing! ;-)

Have a lovely week!


♥ Nia said...

I'm in looooove with that stitching tree :D Looks beautiful =)
Great idea for the snow balls!! :D

Amarins said...

Hoi Ann, ik wist helemaal niet dat je ook met de boom bezig was, heb zeker iets gemist (of geslapen hahaaha). Wat ben je ver en wat wordt het mooooooooooooooooooi. Prachtig. Liefs, Amarins

Giovanna said...

It's coming along beautifully!

Anonymous said...

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Manuela said...

Hello Ann,

I'm your new follower. Yoo have a nice blog.
The Santa Village pattern is so beautiful. I like it.
The Christmas tree is very beautiful.
I want to stitch them, too.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

Have a nice weekend, Manuela.

Carol said...

Such a fun tree--I love it, Ann!!