Friday, March 22, 2013

Printers tray or "Casier d'Imprimeur"

Hello all,

I promised you recently to give you some more details about my plans for the printer trays I have.

I still need to do their cleaning and begin with the stitching but at least I've found some perfect designs to use for 1 tray (I have 2 "big ones" and 2 small ones). I think I can fill at least one third or even half of it.

So which ones did I chose? Well, I adore the charts from Isabelle Vautier and I've opted for her "Le Grand Marquoir des Arbres de Vie" which includes the entire alphabet and 28 other "trees" that I can use - of course in my own colour scheme :-).

Maybe I'll incorporate some of her other charts from her "Grand Marquoir" as well ... It was published as a freebie and you can still find all six parts here.

The rest of the designs is still to be determined but I think I'll use a mix of lovelies from Isabelle Vautier and Renato Parolin (books and others) which I'll be stitching over one on a 32-count

Tomorrow I'm heading off to a book fair and I'm curious if I'll be finding interesting things :-).

Have a nice weekend!


Giovanna said...

That's going to be a lovely project - look forward to seeing it develop.

Carol said...

Oh, I'm so envious of your lovely printer's tray, Ann! I've always wanted one. The ironic thing is my grandpa used to own a newspaper and had many, many, but they were all sold when he sold the newspaper. What I wouldn't give for just one!! Really looking forward to watching you fill yours up :)

Karen said...

Good choices! I look forward to seeing you start this! My tray has realllllyyyyy small compartments - I need to find smaller letters for mine, as I don't want to stitch over-1 on tighter than 32ct. Some day in the future, of course

Dani - tkdchick said...

That is going to be stunning!

Keebles said...

Such an amazing project! Can't wait to see it finished!

De borduurvrouw said...

Het wordt vast schitterend met de patroontjes van Isabella Vautier. Het is nog een heel gepuzzel om patroontjes van de juiste afmeting te vinden he? Groetjes, Nienke