Friday, June 21, 2013

Stitching plans

Now that knitting the dresses for both daughters is almost finished, I'm starting to think about my projects that I'll be doing the next couple of weeks during that the long summer holiday - which will be sunny I hope :-)

You're going to laugh with me but I'm already thinking about some Halloween and Christmas projects because I won't make it in time to finish any bigger summer project before the ending of September. It will definitely be a Cricket Collection theme for the rest of the year.

My original Summer projects would've been:


But then there are other projects that are calling my name louder and louder :-)! I definitely need to finish my Sleepy Hollow because I want it to be my "showpiece"  on Halloween and I'm tempted starting Ladie's Night or Haunted Treehouse ...


There's one thing ... I don't know where to find small badges of the fabric used
(which I simply adore)!

And then I didn't even speak of the Christmas projects ...

Something I want to take with me to the Provence are the Santa's Village charts by Country Cottage Needleworks. Buy yikes ...  I didn't even make a start with them.

I don't intend to stitch them in the traditional way = on one big piece of linnen. The reason for this is simple ... wallspace and a husband who doesn't want to put a lot of holes/nails in our walls to hang frames so I needed to be more creative. Here's what ... I'm going to finish them into a banner!


 I didn't need to put the pictures on but I just wanted the eyecandy! ;-)

I'm not completely sure which banner/bunting form I'm going use and how to attach the embroidered pieces to the banner parts. I'm almost positive that it won't be a plain rectangular or square shape but something more "curvy" finished off with buttons, ribbons, jingles, felt snowflakes or candy canes, ... my imagination is running wild LOL!!!

It would be fun if you could give me some suggestions on which things/charts you would like me to do first! ;-)

That's it for now! Have a nice weekend!


Giovanna said...

I like your plans! I firmly believe that there can never be too many CEC projects on this planet :-)

Melinda said...

I am loving the Nutshells.. Of course all are wonderful

Brigitte said...

What a great choice of projects you have gathered here. At least your summer won't be boring, lol.
I love the idea of making a bunting or banner with all the little Christmas houses.

Yvon (jioya) said...

Enjoy your projects, I love them all, and I am thinking of some Halloween/Xmas projects myself.

Hugs Yvon.

Deb said...

Oh my goodness! So many projects and they all are adorable! Love the Sleepy Hollow. Have that one my stash. You may have just inspired me to start that one!!