Monday, June 24, 2013

Quite some adventure

Yesterday (Sunday) marked the start of a new stitching adventure ... one that won't be finished for quite some while.

As you might already know I just love the German designers and I decided to venture into something that is completely new to me ... stitching a tablecloth!

I already had my eye for quite some time on a Christmas tablecloth featured in the book "Winterzauber" from Acufactum. I have a beautifull piece of fabric that's just perfect for it (only flaw = it's a 10ct instead of the asked for 12ct). Vaupel & Heilenbeck yarns were ordered and duely received so ... off with this adventure!

I'll show you a real picture once there's more to show than the meager 30 stitches I have now (needed to baste the whole thing, count to make sure I was starting at the good place, ... this all took more time than I thought it would take :-)!

Here's a preview of how it will look like once finished.

The fun I'll have playing with new to me threads!

Of course ... this will be for Christmas 2014! :-)


The Maiden said...

Good Luck, the larger projects can seem daunting, but once they are underway there is a certain Joy to be found in the familiar!

Giovanna said...

Enjoy your new project, it looks wonderful.

♥ Nia said...

I have a few Acufactum designs on my list of favorites too.. just wishing for the time to make them all :p hehehehe
Enjoy your project sweetie!