Friday, June 13, 2014

Start on Asian Beauty by Lanarte

Started on a new design called "Asian Beauty" by Lanarte

Mom really likes this cross stitch design. Because she doesn't like stitching on black she talked me into it so ... now I'll be stitching this one for her! :-)

Before starting on it there were two things that I didn't like at all being the fabric - aida and it's colour - black. I knew this was simply asking for troubles! Now that I've already stitched some of the design it goes better than I've imagined - not fast but with an acceptable "speed" :-).

Start of the piece! What a PITA this gold thread was (I've always disliked stitching with
gold thread  but apparantly the new DMC Diamant would be better ?)

Day two ... by now her ear is almost finished (the gold is the start of her "crown")

I don't have that much time stitching on her because I work :-) and the evenings aren't that great due to the lack of natural light.

Have a nice weekend!


Giovanna said...

You have more courage than I have... I've always kept black for daylight (i.e. vacation) stitching. You have a lovely start there :-)

Keebles said...

Good luck with that black fabric! I've been dealing with a project on navy for two years now and I still hate it, even with a lightbox!