Thursday, July 3, 2014

Go Devils!

On Tuesday our national football team played their 4th match in the 1/8th finals against the USA.
It was an exciting match with plenty of opportunities (we went 14 times for the goal - the USA but 4 times) but they weren't able to score immediately. Only in the 30 minutes of prolongations the final result was : Belgium 2 - USA 1.

Full time: Belgium 0 USA 0. Thirty more minutes. Can you handle it?

GOAL! BELGIUM 1 USA 0 (De Bruyne 92) It’s the substitute Lukaku who makes it, bursting down the right and squaring to De Bruyne who skips inside some tired challenges and fires across Howard and into the corner. Howard sticks out a leg - an effective approach so far - but he can't keep it out.

GOAL! BELGIUM 2 USA 0 (Lukaku 104) Belgium are surely into the last eight. Once again it's on the counter. It's a reversal of the first goal as De Bruyne threads a pass through to Lukaku and the finish is emphatic, rifling past Howard first time with his left foot.

GOAL! BELGIUM 2 USA 1 (Green 106) What's happening here, It's a great ball from Bradley and an even better run by Green. He meets it on the volley, doesn't catch it cleanly but it beats Courtois and nestles in the corner. It's his first touch, not only of this game but of the World Cup. Not a bad way to start. And it's game on again. Hang on to your hats, folks.

The bodies strewn all over the pitch at the final whistle told the story more emphatically than any words. It was a crazy, thrilling, head-spinning game. USA are going home, Belgium are going through. Everyone needs to go and lie down now. All of you.

The last eight line up is as follows:
Friday July 4
France v Germany 5pm BST
Brazil v Colombia 9pm BST

Saturday July 5
Argentina v Belgium 5pm BST
Holland v Costa Rica 9pm BST

Taken from this website :

I can tell you that the whole country went nuts because we'll be in the 1/4th finals ... against Argentina this time. We'll see this Saturday (keep our fingers crossed)!

Even one of our national landmarks was "dressed" for the occasion when the world series began.

I didn't post this message yesterday because we went on an excursion to Pairi Daiza with the collegues and it was late and I was too tired. Pictures will follow! ;-)

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