Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jane ... again

Hope you aren't getting bored with my updates on Dear Jane!

I'm sooo in love with this quilt and it's colours - sometimes I amaze myself :-). I got a good advice from the ladies in the quilt shops I often go to : "don't buy your fabrics all at once but build it up row by row". For me this is an advice that works.

So without further ado ...

It's on my kitchen floor because it's becoming too big ... 34 blocks so far
Green row - from right to up to left :
C7 : start Sunday 29th of June - finish Monday 30th of June 2014
D6 : start and finish - Monday 30th of June 2014
E5 : start and finish - Tuesday 1st of July 2014
F4 : start and finish - Friday 4th of July 2014
G3 : start and finish - Saturday 5th of July 2014
H4 : start and finish - Saturday 5th of July 2014
I5 : start and finish - Sunday 6th of July 2014
J6 : start Sunday 6th of July - finish Monday 7th of July 2014
K7 : start Wednesday 9th of July - finish Thursday 10th of July 2014

Last week must have been the week of new techniques ;-). On Thursday 10th I tackled some paperpiecing = I made a pin cushion to take with me to the workshop "Cathedral Windows" (see previous post) on Saturday 12th.

It still needs a cute button in the middle

Design taken from this (recent) book by Jessica Alexandrakis
At this point I have a problem : I'm planning the next row which should be purple. However ... it's really hard to find enough nice purple fabrics. It would be nice if you could swap with me or point me to websites where they have enough purples :-). Thanks for helping me out!
Have a nice weekend! 

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Manuela said...

Lovely DJ Blocks.

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