Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back from the autumn holidays

Hi all,

We're back from a lovely midweek in Erperheide, one of the Center Parcs. We stayed there from Monday 27th untill Friday 31st of October and it was truly a bliss. Deconnecting from everyday life (and stress), having some really needed family time and doing whatever felt good at the moment :-).

We swam a lot, enjoyed the surrounding forrest, saw some of the 400 squirrels and a deer, went out dining, stayed at our cottage enjoying sauna, whirpool and fireplace (sooo good to have a fire when dusk/evening sets in so soon with the new winter hour).

The first and only squirrel I saw
Not a clear picture but you get the idea
I took some crafty items with me but I only worked on Asian Beauty by Lanarte. I suppose it's obvious that I want to finish her before this year's end so that I can continue with my own things :-)?

Have a nice day!

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Mii Stitch said...

Oh, I love staying at Center Parks in the Lake District, here in the UK. It's so relaxing & scenic, I just love it :) Looks like you had a lovely break and stitched on a wonderful design.