Monday, December 1, 2014

Libelle Winterfair 2014

Hi all,

I neglected my blog the last two weeks due to a lot of different things happening - not bad ... just being busy :-).

First there was Halloween, followed by some activities at school and at home, etc, etc ... Sinterklaas came to our town on Saturday 22nd, he also came to my husband's work yesterdag (30th of November) and he'll be coming to our house this Saturday (6th of December) :-).

One of his helpers - a "Zwarte Piet" :-)

I also decided to go to the "Libelle Winterfair" since it was already 3 months ago (or more) that I visited a fair.

It was lovely: lots of stalls concerning fashion, beauty, cooking, ... but a little bit meager on the creative side ... two stalls with wool and one about Pixel Hobby (similar to "Ministeck" but a lot more expensive and for one single use), two about painting and polymer clay and that was it. No cross stitch at all! But I knew that because last year it was the same kind of "mixture" :-).

Some painting and "Klazien's Creaties"
One of the few Belgian resellers of the Stylecraft DK yarn (Lucy of Attic 24 is very positive about it). According to the vendor, all of the ladies that buy with him only swear with this yarn after they've started using it. Look at that lovely afghan!

The reason why I enjoy the Libelle Winterfair each year is their styling of the entire venue. It really has that frosty, wintery aspect to it and you already feel the Christmas spirit and holidays arriving.


 And no excursion can be complete without some purchases right?! ;-)

Here's mine!

Zauberhafter Winterwald (Enchanted Winter Forest) by Bradford Exchange
Hope you liked the tour!

P.S.: This week I'll show you some pictures from my Asian Beauty (she advanced well)


Cricket-bug Corner said...

fun pictures!

Heidi Kuijer said...

Hi Ann! I know how life gets busy and blogging gets set aside. Mine was neglected again for two months. But I finally posted again.

I have never been to the Libelle Winter Fair but it looks like it was inspiring and fun. Are you also busy making anything special for the holidays?

Hugs from Holland,