Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy Newyear! Plans for 2016 ...

Hello everyone,

First of all I'm   ...   WISHING YOU ALL A GREAT 2016!!!

To stay a little bit in the Christmas atmosphere I made this Christmas Star on the second day after Christmas as breakfast. I did it in a simpler version = I used pre-made puff pastry and did only one layer instead of two ... delicious!

I know ... 2015 hasn't been a great year for updating my blog. I'm not promising 2016 will be better but I have good intentions. And that's all that counts don't you think!? lol!!!

 As for craft related things ... the last couple of months I have been knitting more than anything else:
- knitted a blue-grey-green-purple triangular shawl (nothing too fancy but great for covering my shoulders in a cold office)
- still knitting on a fluffy looong loope for my youngest DD (first time I'm knitting with extra large needles)
- also knitting on a triangular shawl for mom who saw my shawl and wanted the same but in autumn hues
- planning on knitting a kind of Bernadette vest for myself (here's a picture from the catalogue). It will be the first time that I will be knitting with two different types of yarn at once :-). Keep my fingers crossed that they won't tangle!

Stitching wise I started a Christmas ornament that for my mom who admired one I already have on display for 2-3 years :-).

I hope on doing some more x-stitches this year! I have two Heaven and Earth Designs I would like to start (one "normal" and another very very big one).

See you soon!

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