Friday, January 25, 2013

First time knitting

Hi all,

On of my resolutions for the 2012 was trying to learn knitting ... So with a little delay I had my first knitting lesson yesterday (4 in total).

I was pleasantly surprised with the speed that childhood "memories" came back! I touched a knitting needle for the last time in craft lessons at school when I was something like 12-14 years old :-).

We practised the basic stitches and everything went well :-). We also had the choice between a "simple" scarf or a small bag (to be felted afterwards) that also uses the technique of adding and diminishing your stitches. Of course I chose the bag! LOL!

Here's a piccie of the pretty wool ... did I tell you that I'm a "multicoloured girl" :-)?

Manos del Uruguay - colour 9831
Handdyed wool - uses needles 5 or 6 mm (US 8-10)

And the knitting needles in size 6 mm (I knit too tight :-). They're from Brittany Needles! A company that carves them out of Birch.

From their site:
Why buy Brittany needles and hooks? Probably the best reason has to do with the benefits of wood. Wood is warm, smooth and soft. It won't drain heat from sensitive fingers the way aluminum and plastic needles do. We have many comments from arthritis patients and their doctors that they wouldn't be knitting if it weren't for wooden needles.

Birch is a superior wood for this purpose, its tensile strength and stability maintains size, resists warping and allows for smoothness of finish no other needle can provide.

Wood is our greatest renewable natural resource. It is environmentally friendly; it's recyclable, biodegradable and durable; when it is no longer needed it can be returned to the earth. All wood used by Brittany comes from strictly regulated forests or small woodland owners in the United States ensuring proper environmental logging practices and selective cutting for maximum reforestation.

I'm curious to see the end result!

Have a nice weekend!


Yvon (jioya) said...

Prachtige wol, veel plezier met je brei-lessen.

Groetjes Yvon.

Keebles said...

Good luck on knitting! I never could learn although I always wanted to. My mind just couldn't wrap about the process. But I love looking at the work of others and can't wait to see your progress!

Giovanna said...

Have fun knitting - that's some lovely yarn.

♥ Nia said...

such pretty wool!! I want to see what you'll make :D
Have fun!! :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

Good luck!

Jeanny said...

Dit gaat je zeker lukken, veel succes!

De borduurvrouw said...

Mooie wol heb je gekozen! Grappig he dat wat je als kind geleerd hebtje zo snel weer te binnen schiet. Veel plezier met je breilessen en het breien. Het is heerlijk om te doen!

Creative Chaos said...

An, je hebt een prachtig blog !!
Met zulk moou garen gaat het breien zeker lukken !!!
Patti xx