Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First real snow of 2013 and update on Christmas Tree

Hi all,

Today we all woke up with a white blanket of 12 cm covering everything outside.

It's beautifull to see when you can stay inside the whole day but much less funny when you have to dig out your car to drive to work (like I had to do this morning) :-(

Some pictures taken at our seaside

(source: De Standaard.be website)

(source: Focus-WTV.be website)

An original way to protect your trees:

Annemarie from Heule
(source: Focus-WTV.be website)

Because of all this snow I want to stitch some more on my Christmas tree and finally finish it! Here's my latest update:

Ah yes before I forget ... my children wanted to spice up my Christmas decorations (the ones I didn't take down yet):

Amazing what you can do with pasta and empty Nespresso cups! :-)

Tomorrow I'll show you a new - small - start.


Anonymous said...

It's the first time I see the Belgian coast under snow: such beautiful pictures. Here too, the snow is keeping us company and hopefully I have the alternative of taking the train to work.
You Christmas tree is just splendide: you're ready for the end of the year ! ;-)

Manuela said...

Your Christmas tree is wonderful.

Greetings from Germany, Manuela.

Carol said...

Such pretty snow photos, Ann, and the seaside looks lovely!

Looks like you're almost done with your pretty Christmas tree :)

Giovanna said...

It's snowing here too - though not that much, and it's all mucky and horrible on the streets. Lovely pictures. And you're doing great on the tree.