Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A little bit of this ...

Hi all,

September 1st it's back to school after two months of holidays for the kids. I can honestly say that it's good to be back in our normal routines ... even the kids were happy to go back and see their friends :-)!

Stitching has been less the last couple of weeks due to different things = Pinterest and a lack of stitching mojo.

Now that everyting has calmed down I'm considering taking up some of my WIP's. First of all "Scream House" by Just Nan (I just love this piece and don't know why I didn't continue with it) and second "Sleepy Hollow" by The Cricket Collection (a big part has already been done but I stopped when I was out of two overdyed skeins).

On the Just Nan front there's a new piece that I like a lot ... a type of pincushion in Halloween style. I just love her pieces and would love to stitch them all (or a fair part of them at least)! ;-)
Another Just Nan that has been too long on my "must start shortly" list and that I would like to tackle this year:
Emma and Eliza meet the owls of October
In my drawers as well ...
Hagatha's hats in orange and purple version
Just Nan limited edition piece (forgot the name)
As for my Singer Featherweight ... she went to the "sewing" doctor :-) and the prognosis was really good. She's in an impeccable state, still runs well for her age and she's had her revision and oil where needed :-).
I'm considering doing (or at least starting) two or three quilts by Trinne Bakke from the book "Patchwork Quilts: Traditional Scandinavian Designs for the Modern Quiltmaker" (for me in the Dutch version :-). I like her style because she's a relaxed quilter that uses traditional blocks and gives them her own twist (and she has some smaller quilts - ideal for me).
The first one is a Dresden Plate quilt.
The second one resembles but is smaller. It's called Summer flowers. A friend told Trine that she used to call the injuries that kids have on their knees when falling "flowers" to enlighten the pain - don't know if this works - and summer because kids play - and fall - a lot during summer :-).
The third one is a hexagon table runner, ideal for all those scraps.
I'll keep you posted with progress piccies!

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Deb said...

Love Just Nan,too!
Beautiful quilt projects coming up.