Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Creative fair Malines

On Saturday I went to a creative fair in Malines (the "Hobbysalon").
General view

One of my favourites ... Liebevolle Kreuzstichentwürfe

Knowing yours truly you could expect that I would buy a couple of things ... first of all I bought a couple of Delica beads bags because I didn't have enough of a certain golden colour (there were colour changes in the batches between the two years that I bought the first golden batch and this one).

Second a new and lovely Dimensions kit featuring a lavender field.

I've also bought a small booklet to make a felt "Sinterklaas" boat for December 6th. Not sure if this will be for this year or the next one though but I fell in love with it last year when I saw it on another blog. Here are some pictures of it in the booth. Everything is imagined and made by the ladies of the Atelier Vrolijke Viltvriendjes.


And most important a number of fabrics to start the Love Entwined quilt by Esther Aliu. There's a lot of appliqué in it so I hope this won't be a too difficult task for me since it's a technique I'm not too familiar with :-). We'll see how it goes. The first part shouldn't be too difficult with a Mariner's compass as a start.

The total quilt or when you don't want to invest too much time in it ...

... only the middle part!

Here are the fabrics I've chosen but I'm not going to tell you in which order I'm going to be using them so it will stay a surprise a little bit longer.
All the fabrics and the background fabric only

The shop where I've bought my fabrics

One of the lovely quilts in her booth

And a couple of other lovely cross stitch pieces ...

Remember the tree ... in my stash and stitched for 2/3rd :-)!

See you soon!

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Brigitte said...

Ahhh, craft fairs, I love them. Unfortunately there's rarely anything like that in my region.
Enjoy oyur new stash!