Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This Monday it was back to school for my two girls. For my youngest it was a big day! She isn't a pre-schooler anymore but a first grader. She'll be learning the basics of reading, writing and maths (although she already knows a lot because of big sis :-). I don't have a baby anymore :-(!

On the stitching front I'm happy to report that I worked some more on mom's "Asian Beauty" (by Lanarte). I love how her face is beginning to get her final shape!

As for quilting ... my Dear Jane got sadly neglected the last three / four weeks due to holidays and too many projects that I took with me and my kids who were in holiday mode (very active - didn't want to go to bed too early = mom who didn't have a lot of "me-time" ;-). Although I like the summer holidays a lot, I'm glad they're over (two months holidays for the kids is a little bit too long I think) and that we're all back to the normal routine!

I hope to pick DJ up again later this week or next week (still searching for a couple of nice purple fabrics).

Have a lovely week!