Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Goodbye and hello

Hi all,

I meant to post earlier but it have been a couple of hectic weeks!

After returning from our holiday at the coast we remarked that our elderly cat wasn't feeling all to well. After two visits to the vet we decided to let him go. We didn't take this decision lightheartedly!Physically he was still quite okay but he had a form of dementia. The poor thing didn't do but wander around the whole day and he didn't even know anymore how to go out etc. Our buddy (Sheeba) got to live a good age of 17 years.

Because it was sooo empty afterwards we decided very quickly to take in another adult cat from the animal shelter. Actually it's a lady who takes care of 100 to 150 cats at her house = a lovely cottage with a big garden. This little fella came home with us and he adopted us really quickly! ;-)

We call him Radja (from Maharadja). Mom proposed this name and we like it! :-). This week we'll let him out for the first time and we keep our fingers crossed that he'll stay with us!

He's so kind, purrs and often comes to sit besides us or on our lap, accepts the kids (although our youngest DD is a little bit too lively to his taste :-). He already made his place in our little family!

I'll keep you posted!

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Pauline said...

Afscheid nemen is altijd moeilijk..
Een nieuwe kat is vast een goede troost!.