Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today's Google logo is to commemorate the 166th birthday of Carl Fabergé ... I don't think I need to introduce the man who's famous for having created more than 50 precious Russian Imperial Eggs.

Here's what Wikipedia says:
Peter Carl Fabergé also known as "Karl Gustavovich Fabergé" (May 30, 1846 – September 24, 1920) was a Russian jeweller, best known for the famous Fabergé eggs, made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, but using precious metals and gemstones rather than more mundane materials.

In 1882, Carl Fabergé took sole responsibility for running the company. Carl was awarded the title Master Goldsmith, which permitted him to use his own hallmark in addition to that of the firm. Carl Fabergé’s reputation was so high that the normal three-day examination was waived. His brother, Agathon, an extremely talented and creative designer, joined the business from Dresden, where he had also possibly studied at the Arts and Crafts School.

Carl and Agathon were a sensation at the Pan-Russian Exhibition held in Moscow in 1882. One of the Fabergé pieces displayed was a replica of a 4th century BC gold bangle from the Scythian Treasure in the Hermitage. The Tsar declared that he could not distinguish the Fabergé's work from the original and ordered that objects by the House of Fabergé should be displayed in the Hermitage as examples of superb contemporary Russian craftsmanship. The House of Fabergé with its range of jewels was now within the focus of Russia’s Imperial Court.

When Peter Carl took over the House, this resulted in reviving the lost art of enamelling and concentrating on setting every single stone in a piece to its best advantage. Shortly after Agathon joined the firm, the House introduced objects deluxe: gold bejewelled items embellished with enamel ranging from electric bell pushes to cigarette cases, including objects de fantaisie.

In 1885, Tsar Alexander III gave the House of Fabergé the title; ‘Goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown’.

I think Google did design a very pretty logo around this event. I also learned that they are called "Google Doodles" and when googling the name, I stumbled upon the "Google Doodle Museum" where you can take a look at everything they've created the last years. I think it's pretty interesting cause you get to learn a lot about people and past/future events.

I'm always curious to see with what they come up next :-)

Have a nice day/evening!

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Yvon (jioya) said...

Bedankt voor de link, ik vind ze vaak heel erg leuk en zo is het makkelijk om ze allemaal eens te bekijken.

Groetjes Yvon.