Thursday, May 24, 2012

Start to run

Hi all,

Today I'm not going to talk about cross stitching, crochet, quilting or anything hobby/crafts related .... no, this couch potatoe is going to talk about health - oyoy :-)

You know ... yours truly should have to lose 15 kg at least and therefor I decided it was time to change my habits a little bit (now there's still time - I'm 37 and I was always told that after 40 it would be even more difficult "shedding" some weight).

So what am I going to do? I started with Weight Watchers again and decided to do something "sporty" ;-) (me ... who hasn't got one ounce of sporty genes :-). I started to run. I'm not kidding, it's the name of the program = "Start to Run". You get 27 lessons on your MP3 player and the goal is that after that you'll be able to run for 5 kilometres (non-stop that is).

This is a concept in Belgium started around 2001 an promoted by a lovely young lady called Evy Gruyaert (one of our lady presentators on TV). She also made/cooperated with ... for other books like "Keep running" (in which you learn to jog/run 10 km), Start to Veggie, Start to Bike, Start to Walk, Start to Swim, Start to Fitness and Start to Golf.  A true marketing campaign and lots of money to be made is of course always the incentive behind the idea :-)
Anyway ... today was my first lesson (18 minutes) and although it wasn't easy (all that extra weight dragging) I can tell you that I did it! There's always a pause of one day so lesson two, here I come (on Saturday)!!!

I really want to get rid of my extra weight and buy pretty woman-like clothes again!

Hope I'll succeed!


Carol said...

Good luck in your goals, Ann! You're right to do it now while you are still is definitely harder to keep off the weight as you age! You can do it :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Way to go! Learning to run is not easy. I run but I'm not one of those crazy people who love it! I do it because its a great calorie burn. Starting next week I'm going to slowly increase my distances... I have a 1/2 marathon in September!

Anja said...

Best wishes from me. I hope it will be not too hard.
I also have to loose 15kg, but sport
is not what I love to do. I eat not so much and I go by bicycle.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja