Monday, February 20, 2012

IHSW February

Hi girls!

I hope you had a great IHSW!

Last time I didn't have much time for IHSW-ing (actually each weekend since the beginning of the year) but this Sunday I managed to stitch a couple of hours! The children let me do my thing and we sat together almost the whole day ... they played and watched TV and I sat and stitched! Great deal isn't it? ;-)

I continued to stitch on my HAED Revelation in the hope that page two would be completed but I didn't succeed ... although I'm really close! Those blank spaces are almost filled and I think I need to stitch another 80 stitches or so :-)

Here's a picture of where I stopped yesterday evening:

Last week I also received the first ornament for this year by Little House Needleworks and a small book that I've been waiting anxiously for. It's the "Biscornus et Picques Aiguilles" by Mango Pratique. It's really successfull because I've heard that it's in reprint (due to the large demand). I've never stitched a biscornu, but I'm certainly going to tempt my luck one of the coming weeks (the biscornu in this booklet are just too yummy)!

Now I'm off admiring all those blogs and stitching progress! ;-)


Kate said...

Beautiful stitching, you got lots done!! :) Love the biscornu book!

♥ Nia said...

Grear progress! :)

Joysze said...

Revelations is gorgeous, Ann!! Can't wait to see your first biscornu. :D