Thursday, February 2, 2012

New African mandala

Now you're certainly going to wonder "what the hell is she talking about?" :-)

Well, one of my favourite designers has released a beautifull cross stitched mandala in African style. Martina (Rosenberg from Châtelaine Designs) has - once again - outdone herself this time! It's still in the works with start date March 2012, but you already get a good impression! ;-)

Normally I'm not into African themed things, but it has two things that appeal to me:
1st - It has the same design size and border as one of my other favourite designs : St. Petersburg mandala
2nd - It's more in the nature, animals theme, which I adore (my hubby has a lion as astrological sign :-)

So here's what I'm talking about:

I adore all those warm, rich, glowing and "spicey" colours!!! And look at that intricate border! Martina specially adapted it on order to reflect the African theme!

Here's a picture of St. Petersburg Garden:

I'm really tempted (although I have more then 10 Chatelaines to stitch).

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