Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sophie Digard scarves

In march 2010 there was an article on the Needleprint blog about the Sophie Digard scarves. I must admit that I fell in love with them but unfortunatelly those lovely scarves, jewels and bags are not in my price range (around 300 USD for one scarve :-( ouch!

Because it's cold here (-10°C even during the day), I'm getting tempted on crocheting one myself and using her creations as inspiration. I'm not going to copy them, since I have respect for the copyright!

Think that the Japanese Noro yarns are perfect for it (especially the Cashmere flavor and Flower Bed range)! There's also a great UK French alternative that I got to know during the last Aiguille en Fête (2011) in Paris but which I can't remember for the moment! Edited to add ... found the shop: Elle Tricote

Here are some images ... enjoy!

Aww... to have such a lovely around your neck! Winter wouldn't be so hard! LOL!


Carin said...

Wat een geweldige sjaals zijn dit !!
Enne .. je bent altijd welkom bij de yahoogroep hoor :-) Het stimuleert ontzettend om zo elkars werk te zien en te bekijken wat een ander er weer bij heeft geborduurd.

Supergoof said...

Ze zijn geweldig mooi, het is dat ik zo lapjesverslaafd ben,...
Tot ZIENS in de lente!