Friday, February 24, 2012

Stitching dreams

By now you know that I have a lot of projects going, that I am a great beginner but not a great finisher! :-)

Here are a couple of projects by Chatelaine designs of which I dream of stitching them "one day" ;-)

From left to right: Spring Morning, Summer Afternoon, Autumn Dusk and Winter's Eve

The Fairies series: Spring, Autumn and Winter (Summer has to be released yet)


The Knotgarden Series : Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and the original one

The Watergarden series : Spring, Autumn and Winter (Summer has to be released yet)
and the original one

And then a couple of "exotic" designs:

Taj Mahal Mandala Garden and Persian Iris Garden

Oriental Harem Garden and  Konstantinople Garden

Peacock Garden (former Mystery XIII) and Arabian Walled Garden

 Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden Mandala

 I admit ... I just wanted to see them all together and this post would be the ideal opportunity to do so! ;-)

So quietly dreaming on ;-)

Have a nice weekend!

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