Friday, January 27, 2012

Experimental stitching

This weekend I'm going to start stitching on a "biscofleur" (top right). I've seen in the Italian magazine called "Rakam" (December 2011 issue). It's really beautifull and filled with gorgeous models to stitch.
I have never stitched a biscornu nor any other form of those particular "cushions". Another new thing will be the blackwork part :-)

So I'm really curious to see how everything will be evolving. I'll keep you posted about my progress ;-)!

If everything goes well, this will be another model I'll start:

Just Nan - Merry Fifteen
Silver Needle (shop) exclusive

And yes ... I have those lovely pins as well!

Wish me luck!!!


Joysze said...

Good luck, Ann. I can't wait to see them. :D

Wieke van Keulen said...

Leuk dat je reageert op mijn blog, want zo ontdek ik ook weer een leuke blog. Leuke tip, dat boek. Ik heb een lootje voor je aangemaakt voor de weggeefactie van het boek "Arne & Carlos breien op hun Paasbest". Groeten uit Haarlem.