Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My stitching after the IHSW weekend

I must admit that I stitched on the HAED Revelation yesterday (and I only took a picture today). But here it is in all it's glory!

Heaven and Earth Designs
Revelation by Sheila Wolk (retired)

The lighting was lousy, so I hope you excuse the poor quality! First one is true colours and second one is to show more detailes. I filled in the yellowish parts in the bottom half. The third page is now nearing it's completion!

Normally I should've finished 5 pages by now but ... I stitched two pages with a thread that's called "Venus" (Thai brand) which is half of the price of DMC over here (it is really expensive in Europe)!

After seeing colour tests of four different brands (including Venus) in my favourite needlework store, I decided "If I'm going to commit myself to stitching this piece for a couple of years, the quality of the materials need to be beyond doubt!".

So - call me nuts - I ripped two entire pages of stitching and restarted the piece. In order to have something different to stitch I started with page 1, followed by page 7 and now I'm on page 2 :-)

I also started a big sampler by a Belgian designer (see my previous post) called Mariska Vande Casteele.
What you see here is a fourth of the fabric (I folded it in order to take piccies) just to give you an idea of the shear size of this monster! Its stitched with a Caron Wildflowers called "Paprika" (number 195) and I'm pleased with my choice.

I had this design already for a certain time in my drawers. Because I wanted to participate in a yearly sampler SAL organised by Becky Bee's Stitching Hive, I decided to start it!


Joysze said...

Ann!! You go sooooo much done on Revelation, and it looks amazing. Ripping out 2 pages.... yech!!! Glad that's behind you.

Oooh, love the colors in your sampler. Gonna love watching this one grow. :D

Melissa said...

Great start on the sampler, and I love the thread you chose for it!

Sorry to hear you had to rip out so much, but Revelation is looking good now :)